How to bang MIL

I've been having this high want and the urge to f*** my Mother In Law so badly. The more I see her the more I'd wanna bang her. I always seem to be a strict and straightforward person which have never given her the slightest hint of what's running in my mind. Need some help and advise on how and what should I do about this. At the same time, I dont wanna mess up anything.

Dec 16, 2020

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  • Simply go for it when alone, all Mails are submissive for the sake of their daughters.

  • How to know of she will not refuse getting f*****. What are the signs?

  • As an older woman I can tell you that there is no way a mature woman is going to turn down a young hard c***.

    Go for it and tell me how it goes. I wish you were my son in law.

  • I can be your son in law if you'd like to. Just let me know how I can get in touch with you and we both can have the time of our lives.

  • Where do you live? How old are you?

    I’m 49, a mother of 3. I have long dark brown hair with a touch of gray coming in. I’m 5 foot 9. I have a full bush because that is the way my hubby of 25 years likes it.

    My measurements are 38-30-36. I need a big c*** to stretch my kitty. My hubby is 8 inches and knows how to lay pipe but he is lacking the girth I need to make my kitty purr like she needs.

    I gave natural birth to all three of my children and breast fed them so my girls are not as perky as they were a couple decades ago. But I have big areoles and the girls squeeze into a 38 C cup with a little spillage.

    Let me know if you are still interested in the Old Texas lady

  • I’m interested

  • I live in Texas 😁

  • Do you want to have some long distance chat fun by messaging each other

  • Sounds interesting but where do you live. We may need to do a little more :)

  • I'm hard now thinking about you Brunette 49yrs.old ,a little grey hair and big t*** !
    Mmm I could do you.
    I'm 28 and my mum 60 years old ,.brunette with a little grey 5ft 2 and 34B t*** and a full bush.
    Mum.knows I have watched her undressing for many years and once caught me wanking while sniffing her knickers with some of her pubes between my lips .
    I really want to f*** her and she knows but won't let me.
    I did once say
    " Mum can I f*** you I love your hairy f****."
    but she just said

    "Don't be silly you've seen me naked, be happy with that, it's all you're getting".
    I am lucky I guess that she doesn't mind me spying and wanking over her but I so want to f*** her !

  • Mmm. 28. How big is your c***? I just turned 50. So I’m 22 years older than you.

    Would you call me mommy while we f***?

  • It would be my pleasure to call you mummy while I f*** you till you squirt. But you gotta tell me dont stop as well. How do I contact you?

  • Oh sweetie, I won’t tell you to stop. I say “sweetie, mommy needs it faster. Mommy needs it harde. Mommy needs you to c** inside of her”

    Be a mommy’s favorite an make mommy scream and moan

  • I'd bend you over and f*** you so deep and hard till scream in pleasure. Puts my d*** deep in your mouth and makes your put saliva all over it and f*** you harder and deeper just the way you love it.

  • I'd love to satisfy that wet p**** of yours and lick that c*** and f*** you hard. How do I get in contact with you,?

  • Oh wow! How old are you sweetheart?

    Do you live in Texas?

    How big is you c***

  • My c*** is about 6 inches though. However, size does not matter right. It's all about the right ways of getting things done. ;) What say you? 😜
    I dont live in Texas though, but I may be able to arrange something to have some good fun with you. How do I get in contact with you though?

  • 6inches. My husband is 8 inches.

    But it’s the girth that he lacks and my kitty desires. My little kitty needs a good stretching. Can you do that?

  • I'd happily do that for you. With pleasure. Let me stretch that wet p**** of yours and put it deep inside of you. Your kitty would want more of it.

  • Like wise here

  • Probably start by dumping your wife, because when it all comes to a head and your wife finds out she will leave you if she is smart. Why not just do what most guys do? just fantasize about banging her. Maybe even steal a pair of her underwear to sniff while you beat off

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