Busted Crossdressing

Lockdown has been fantastic for my love of crossdressing, it’s turned my secret little hobby that gets indulged rarely when I can fit it in into something that I can do every day working from home.
I’ve had Zoom calls while being fully dressed in sexy lingerie apart from my shirt and even had calls when I’ve been completely transformed into a satin maid, makeup, wig, corset, lingerie, wig & jewellery and said that I couldn’t get my camera to work! I love being risky and nobody knowing what I’m up to.

This weekend I’ve had a friend from out of town staying over to decorate part of my house which has meant my routine is disturbed.
No longer slipping into sexy lingerie after my morning shower, parading around in my stilettos and gluing my French Manicure nails on as I’m having coffee, just boring drab male clothes.

For some reason I woke up really aroused this morning and just HAD to indulge.
I started off wearing a pink matching bra and panties set under my clothes. The bra was all lace so it wasn’t noticeable under my clothes.
This progressed as I got braver and more excited to changing into a pretty floral bra & suspender set with grey stockings. The bra was underwired and would be easily spotted so I put on a baggy sweatshirt over the top and risked it.
I live in a bungalow and got very turned on when getting changed and rolling my stockings on when he was just the other side of an ajar door, oblivious!

I decided to be brave and go out in public to do some shopping while dressed in lingerie under my male clothes. I love the idea of it but rarely have the courage to actually go through with it but today was different!

I first stripped off to only my lingerie in the bedroom, checked everything was adjusted perfectly, got dressed and headed out.
I drove to my local M&Co store and secretly eyed the lingerie section which drove me wild with excitement!
Eventually I wandered over to check out the delicate fabrics with my heart pounding!
After I’d actually gone through with it I felt quite at ease rifling through and finding my size.

I put a grey and pink bra, panty and suspender set into my basket and was headed for the hosiery section when I noticed the SALE bucket with a suspender hanging out of the top.
It was attached to a soft white lace body and looked very restrictive and sexy.
It was a 36b and I normally buy 38b but it only had the bra section that that was hook-and-eye and I have bra extenders at home so I put it in my basket along with some white lacy panties.
Next on to the hosiery. My word, I wanted one of everything but opted for a pair of 7 dernier black lace hold ups that looked very pretty on the picture.

I was hoping for drama and a bit of embarrassment at the checkout but the older lady who served me was too preoccupied to notice what I was buying.

When I got home I went straight to my bedroom and laid my new purchases out on the bed, removed all tags & packaging and started to strip off.

My decorator was oblivious as he went about his work while I slowly and femininely got changed in my room just a few feet away.

The lace body was delightfully tight but I wouldn’t fasten so I dug out one of my bra extenders from the back of my top drawer, I needed a 2 hook fastener but I could only find a 4 hook. It was a bit bulky but I didn’t think anything of it as it was on my back and out of sight.

I completed my outfit with my new stockings and panties, adjusted myself in the mirror and got dressed again. I love the feel of stockings and lingerie under my male clothes.
I had to flatten my chest a little as the underwires were making me look like I had small b****!

I didn’t bother with socks and just wandered back out as normal.

After about an hour or so of exposing my stockings by pulling my jeans up and femininely running my hands over my lingerie when I knew he couldn’t see, I was so excited that I retired to my room again and dug out my favourite plug. It felt amazing inside me and I was reminded what I was doing with every tug on my suspenders and movement of my plug.

This went on for hours and I couldn’t wait for him to leave so I could indulge myself properly.

Eventually he packed his gear into his van and we said goodbye. I’d already planned what I was going to do as soon as he left, go fully en-femme with makeup, wig, nails and jewellery, don my satin French maid outfit and act girly as I did the housework.

As I’ve known him for years he said how nice it was to see me and gave me a hug as he left.
There was nothing I could do to avoid it, I was self conscious enough as it was, slightly hunching forward so my pushed-up chest wouldn’t be noticeable when I felt his hand touch my bra clasp on my back. It was made worse by the oversized bra extender making things more bulky.

Powerless to do anything I felt his hand linger, move slightly and then move away. I wanted the ground to swallow me as I’d been properly busted. He didn’t make eye contact as he turned away, said goodbye and left.

I was left with a mass of confused feelings, humiliation, excitement, not knowing if my secret will be safe with him.

Nonetheless I carried out my plan for when he left to the letter and as I write this I’m fully transformed into my girly persona, beautifully made up with nails and wig feeling very sexy indeed!

I’m feeling very turned on at getting caught and wanting to get caught again! I’m planning on wandering out into the garden later when everyone’s in bed for a sexy photoshoot in full view of the neighbours if they looked out of their windows!

I hope you enjoyed my true tale of this weekend.


Dec 23, 2020

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  • I want to see a few of the pictures email me please kew@mail.com

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