How to tell my wife i am a crossdresser

Im in my 50s and married 30 some odd years. I started wearing my moms panties bra and girdles when i was 11. I love dressing. I have dressed since I was first married. I tried to tell her but she was not cool just at the mention of it. I wear panties and stockings ever day to work under work clothes. When I meet a male lover i will full dress panties bra stockings heels a dress or skirt. I am to the point I want male on male s** more and to dress in the open. can someone help me with tell my wife and how they may have told theirs.

May 8, 2019

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  • My wife and I were out riding in the golf cart in our community and saw a neighbor wearing men's boxers out doing yardwork. I said to my wife that it wasn't fair that women can wear men's undies and men can't wear women's. She asked "who said so?" I took it as an ok to fly with it which I did on the next laundry day. I emptied the dryer and came out wearing her panties. It's been uphill since

  • I like womens clothes. I like the smooth tight feel. Sometimes I like the mind f*** of being submissive which I kind of associate with women but I also see women as powerful. I do not want to be a woman if that makes sense.

    I feel that my feelings are very different to what is typically described where men want to dress as women and they also go on about associating that with some kind of inferiority. Like there is something wrong with women.

    I love my wife and she loves me. She likes me physically strong and toned. At the same time she is very much in control. She flirts with me or orders me to turn her on and we have great M-F s**. I love it and she loves it.

    I also like it when she puts the vibrator up my bum and I do fantasize about being raped by a guy or my wife wearing a strap on.

  • It’s simply Venus Envy, nothing wrong at all. Women are gorgeous creatures, why wouldn’t we want to wear the same beautiful clothing they do?

  • I have been through exactly the same dilemma. You must be honest with yourself, you have been Bi-Sexual, as I was since birth and only started feeling the true sensations at puberty.
    If you tell your wife she will divorce you and it will cost you in money and embarrassment!!!!! You must decide your true path.
    I decided En-Femme as my desires not only to be dressed in silky ladies clothes but also to find male lovers or in my case an older male lover who would appreciate me and treat me with love and respect.
    James my lover is a 63 year 'young' widower, fit, good looking,well endowed and loves me dressed in silky lingerie when we make love.
    I have not fully transformed, I prefer not to, I am well endowed myself and James loves that part of me. I have spent a fortune on turning myself into a natural looking woman. But, it was worth it, to be able to walk out in public En-Femme in floaty pleated dresses, to be admired by both men and women alike is such a turn-on!!! If you choose this path it means a complete change of life, but if you do then the reward can be wonderful.
    I love having James naked, cuddling up to me in bed, to caress him, kiss him and feel him become aroused at my touch, then tell me he wants me. To then turn over, feel him lifting my negligee, Kissing my neck while he removes my knickers and then feel his urgency as he enters my bottom with his erection, pure bliss!!!!
    If he asks me I will marry him, that is how much my life has changed. Good luck to you.

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