I’m sleeping with a 19 year old guy

I am a 38 year old married woman. I have no sexual attraction towards my husband. I met this 19 year old boy at work and we started talking. first I just saw him as an adorable kid flirting with me. Next thing I know I have been having the most passionate s** that I have had in a long time. This young man lasts and lasts, he loves to go down on me, and he does it with such eagerness to please me. We have had s** 3 times for a couple of hours each time. He is so beautiful, athletic, smells so fresh and moreover I love his passion and youthfulness. I know I’m a horrible person for doing this but I don’t regret it. I also know that this is temporary since he is bound to find a girl his age sooner or later. He says he loves me but I know he’s just infatuated.

Dec 26, 2020

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  • Have his baby or you will regret it

  • Yes you are a horrible person Poor hubby now he has to share you with some 19 year old kid and he doesn't know it. I guess you make hubby clean you out from time to time ?

  • He knows now

  • W****

  • There is nothing like an older woman. They know what they want and go after it. I had an affair with a married older woman when I was in my late 20 s. She was the best lover I have ever had, bar none.

  • Lucky guy.

    I’m 19 and prefer older women. I’ve been f****** my exGF mom for about 2 years now.

    I could have any girl I want my age but there is nothing better than a hairy mature momma

    If the p**** ain’t old enough to birth me I don’t want it.

    But if it’s old enough to be my momma I’ll make that mother scream for more

  • Sounds good to me and brings back happy memories.
    When I was 19 I was lucky enough to be f****** my mum Edna who was 41.
    I was addicted to mum's glorious full brunette bush and her body in general.
    It all started when was 16 and started going home at lunchtimes from school to eat.
    One day after catching me me with a pair of her dirty knickers mum asked if I would like to see her without her knickers on as in her mind I was sixteen and old enough and obviously interested.
    I watched as my mum undid her trousers and watched in awe as she pulled her knickers down to show me her carpet of brown pubes for the first time.

    Mum wanked me off and sent me back to school. We progressed from.there and I f***** my mum soon after for a number of years. Happy days.
    Do you have a full bush for your young man to enjoy ?

  • Seems natural to me , my ex wife liked some on the side , me I went along with it even set up a three way with a very nicely endowed black male . As a husband that has experienced watching a wife of 30 + years really enjoy herself , and no mistake it was a turn on for me because I was closeted bi and was able to bring that into the open as well . Maybe you could share your feelings with your husband , there might be some added benefit.

  • How easy is for you to find a f*** buddy...people here are starving for pussa juice

  • Good for you. Enjoy while it lasts! It seems you got this well handled.

  • I was the other man to married women during my early adulthood. It started with one work supervisor I became infatuated with. I soon wanted her to leave him and marry me instead. She enjoyed the attention and stuff but didn't take me seriously. One afternoon she surprised me by 'lending' me to one of her bff's. I wasn't thrilled with being used like that but the bff was shockingly good. Like p*** starlet good. I learned a lot from her. After that I started to get 'lent' to more of their friends and our co-workers. All were married. While the s** was great and the women beautiful, my conscience was killing me. I was a party to adultery and jeopardizing nearly a dozen marriages. When I got a different job I moved, cut them off, went back to church, started dating single adult women younger than me and soon married. I learned a lot and was grateful but I didn't like the hit I felt on my soul

  • Relationship with the age gap are very hard to keep, at best enjoy what you have now.

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