Never. Ever.

In the entire history of the world, there has never been a woman as beautiful as AnnaLynne McCord. And there never will be. Not. Ever.

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  • For me it would be JESSICA HAHN.

  • Most beautiful? It can only possibly be one:

    Alexa Chung

  • No way, no how. It's AMANDA LePORE!!! OMMFG!!!

  • Are all you dudes so old or so gay that nobody in this little c********** even thought to say ariana grande??????? I mean g*******!! no other female is even close to "A"! what were you old f*** thinking about? Justin Bieber??!?!!!

  • I have just two words for all yous:
    MEGAN FOX (mic drop)

  • Have you ever seen Jennifer Aniston?


  • Gimme Jennifer Beals, not Aniston, and we can close this deal TODAY!

  • She's nearly 40 now, but I think Ellen Muth is still STAGGERINGLY beautiful.

  • None of these ones are even close. The most beautiful is Farrah Abraham. She's also the hottest and sexiest and most stylish and smartest and most talented. And most marriage material. She is an incredible creature. Oh My God!!

  • No, no, no, no, no. It's none of them. No. It's Thylane Blondeau.

  • I'll go with Alyssa Milano. Can I make a reservation?

  • The most beautiful EVER? I'll totally have Francesca Annis!!!!

  • I think Ralph Fiennes already took her off the market. JEALOUS!!!

  • If it's an election, I cast my vote for Samantha Barbash.

  • Oh, God, yes! YES!!!!

  • Her body is a temple at which we should all worship and Samantha herself is literally a Goddess

  • I've never liked dye-jobs or long blonde extensions, but my dear sweet mother of Christ, Samantha reeeeeeeeeeeeally makes them work and a girl HAS to be a natural beauty to make that happen. The only thing that would make her more beautiful is more tattoos!!!!

  • I'm all in for Shailene Woodley. She's perfect.

  • If you're really looking for perfect, then you need go no further than Golnesa Gharachadeghi. On a scale of 1 to ten, G.G. is infinity. And that is no exaggeration. Yeah, she's insane, but she's also insanely beautiful!

  • To each his own. We'll have to agree to disagree.

  • Eye of the beholder, eh??

  • Just googled imaged...standard w**** type woman...nothing special

  • You've now just confessed that you have no taste or class. Everything about her is special. She is amazing and spectacular. Even without makeup, she's utterly breathtaking and magnificent. She is clearly no w****.

  • True dat. She is not a w****, by any measure. She is a sophisticated lady. She's . . . just . . . . OMG!

  • Well, she's attractive for sure, but "sophisticated" is too generous. Don't get me wrong: I reeeeeeally loooove trashy chicks ( I even married one, once upon a time, in my youth), and they're a lot of fun, but we ought not confuse being oversexed with having class: as a general rule, the two are in opposition to one another.

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