Cold night

The heating packed up in my house and my son kept complaining it's going to be to cold in his bedroom so i told him he could sleep in my bedroom as i have a little plug in heater,he's laying in my bed as i took off my dressing gown i was faced with my 15 year old son looking at me,I wasn't asleep for long when i was woken up by the bed shacking and knew right away what he was doing,I layed and listened to his heavy breathing as he jerked off,I was thinking he must be doing it thinking about me as i layed there ,the heating was fixed the next day but that didn't stop him because i was getting him all worked up and him making an excuse for going to his room,it was an odd feeling but also a turn on knowing he found me attractive for him to do that,I wasn't going to say anything to him but i had to have a meeting with his teacher after school and while we was in her office waiting he was sitting next to me i noticed his zip was undone and that was my opportunity as i got my fingers in to his trousers he grabbed my hand asking me wtf i was doing and i told him i knew he wanked off in bed with me and since been doing it each day in his bedroom while thinking about me he then let go of my hand and let me carry on soon as i touched his stiff c*** he let out a groan but his teacher come in and i quickly pulled my hand out which had his precum on it and before i knew it the meeting was over and we was walking away from her office and that's when he pulled me in to the boys toilets and in to a cubicle and whipped out his c*** and asked me to take of my underwear i didn't need to ask him why i knew this was the moment i was going to have him in me to make it easy for him i turned round and within a second he was b**** deep giving me all he's got for over a minute and then kept saying he's going to c** and i told him to c** in me,we sneaked out like naughty school kids making sure we wasn't seen and walked to my car with my underwear in my bag and his c** running down my leg,it's been nonstop ever since.

Dec 28, 2020

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  • I have a confession. I confess that I just read a ridiculous long, rambling, run-on sentence that goes nowhere.

  • a confession site, not fantasy site!

  • Nice fantasy though lol

  • I want to impregnate Sarina with 3 babies.

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