Mom Diane

My mom now in her 60s said that her dad did stuff to her when she was younger and lived at home. She hasn’t said any details. I wonder what he did? When he died she said she hated him. When I lived home, I used to peek on my mom while she was in the bathtub. She would leave the door open a crack and I would be in the hallway and we would talk. I would sneak a peek through the crack. I usually saw nipple and t***. Once in a while bush. Think she knew I was peeking? She never said anything.
I remember another time when I was young, just the 2 of us went on vacation. She met some guy at the hotel and he came back to our room. I remember her telling me to go to the other bed, roll over and go to sleep. Too bad I listened, otherwise I would have seen what she did with that guy. Oh well, if I only knew back then. Thoughts? Comments?

Dec 29, 2020

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  • My mom also bathed w door open and didnt care if i went in to talk to her. i still beat off to that sceene daily after 30 yrs

  • It was me with ur mom back there and we were just playing ludo whole night..go back to the basement now

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