Wife Susan again

with this lockdown here in calif it is hard to find s** partners for my wife and this last year has been a little frustrating for both of us she has agreed to being a shared wife but we still go at it when the opportunity comes up and it has been over a month since her last get together with a guy so we were surfing the net looking and Sue found a guy In Las Vegas that dose married women for cuckolds like me.

We live in the SF bay area so we talked to Devon several times. ( I forgot to mention that lately Susan has preferred black lovers when we do this ) and Devon is blacker than sin with a 8 1/2 inch c*** and no body hair except for his hair on his head that he keeps in tightly braided in windrows.

We traded pics and agreed to meet with him as soon as I could book a room and that was very quick with all this virus crap we got a great deal at the golden Nugget in Las Vegas at a very reduced price so I called him back and l told him I would call again after we checked in.

We checked in and Susan took a bath as I called him giving him our room # and he said it would be about a half hour before he could get there so I walked into the bathroom and Susan was shaking her hair out with her bra that connected in front was hanging unfastened and she smiled at me in the mirror as she tweaked her nipples getting them ready for him.

I asked if she was excited and she blushed and grinned at me in the mirror and she laughed and said a little god he s beautiful baby he looks good enough to eat and she laughed again then she said I love you so much baby and she smiled into the mirror..

she fastened her bra and pulled up her panties then her skirt and blouse that was a see through and she turned and kissed me for long seconds sucking on my tongue like it was my c*** and I was getting hard she is very attractive for her age.

There was knock on the door and she said let me get it and she hurried into the room and opened the door and there stood Devon in his pullover muscle T-shirt and shorts and Sue said Oooohhh you look marvelous come on in taking his hand and pulling him inside .

Devon pulled her to him glancing at me and I nodded my head and he kissed her full on the lips and Susan responded to him eagerly I watched as her excitement grew nd I could hear her sucking on his tongue as they clawed at each others clothes .

Soon they were struggling to the bed and Susan was naked except for her panties and her nipples looked bruised from his mauling them with his fingers as he pushed her back onto the bed and Sue let him push her legs apart as he kneeled on the floor in front of her widely parted legs then he ran his finger up and down her slit lightly fingering her as her body began to undulate encouraging him into going deeper and he did until her juices' coated his fingers the he licked her in one long swipe and she gasped and her body arched off the bed as she inhaled a huge breath her fingers were clinging to is hair holding his mouth on her p**** and she grunted I could see her excitement growing and I knew that she wanted to c** very badly .

I am always pleased watching her when her excitement is this high and I knew that any second she would c** her body rocked as her hips moved back and forth and his teeth were bared as his tongue was inside of her p**** .

She came very quickly and her body arched off the mattress as she orgasmed groaning like she was in pain then she fell back gasping for breath as Devon gently licked her sensitive p**** lips she gasped for several seconds then she barked out a quick laugh and said my god I loved that and Devon raised up and knee walked up to her p**** holding his swollen c*** in his hand an sue reached down and guided him into her .

She was still breathing harshly but she began to respond to him every quickly and they mated only for a short time before Sue said up on the bed your turn now and she moved backwards using her elbows and feet then Devon was above her as she parted her thighs for him and they began to f*** again Sue was looking up at him and they were talking as hey f***** and she told him warn be before you c** my husband loves to watch a guys c*** c*** pulse as he c***.

They f***** for several minutes talking then he was quiet and Sue asked are you going to c** and he grunted yes soon and she said when you c** pull out where just your c*** head is in me and he grunted OK I watched fascinated as his ebony c*** coated with her fluids flashed in and out of my wife then he stopped is c*** head was inside of her and I could see his c*** swell up then it began to pulse moving his b**** with each release almost like the recoil when you shoot a gun as he came in her and she was laughing in glee as his c*** spurted inside of her.
For long moments I watched his c*** pulse until he moaned and collapse on my wife his harsh breathing was all I could hear then Susan said roll onto your back while your c*** is still hard i wan to cowgirl you and his slimy c*** slipped out of my wife as he rolled onto his back and Sue gave me a mischievous smile as she got on her knees taking his c*** in her hand and throwing her leg over his hips She had to raise up with one leg because his c*** was to long but she looked over at me a determined look on her face as she moved his c*** head around until she found the spot then she wiggled her hips back and forth as she slid sown his c*** and settled on his lap.

She said just relax and let m do all the work as her body began to slide back and forth on his lap she smiled over at me and asked if I liked watching and as always I answered you are beautiful baby yes I love this
She began to finger her c*** with her finger as she rode his c*** and they talked and she asked if he could get it up again and he said probably and it took her a long time to c** this time and he did get hard after awhile and when Sue came this time she just closed her eyes tight and I saw her tummy muscles contract when she said she was C****** then she sat still on his c*** just enjoying the physical contact then when Devon rolled her onto her back she just said go ahead enjoy that was great as he began f****** her and her and I talked now as he f***** her and when he came a second time she said he is C****** baby I can feel it my god it feels soo hot as he hugged her as his c*** spurted inside of her.

After he left she had me get on the bed on my back and she fed me his c**.. Tis is something that she has started liking and what the h*** I don't really mind unless she wants me to start sucking their c**** to.

Jan 2, 2021

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  • Wish could read more like this from you as its got me so hard and h**** now. all i can do is go mast....bate to relieve this c....m i have. please share more.

  • That had me hard. Love the thought of her dripping the c** into your mouth.

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