Here to hate the chinese

Why are chinese still everywhere after they infect the whole world? Are we just going to let them get away with such horrible crime? Chinese often brag about their 5000 years of history while pathetic is they have made zero contribution to human race instead only spread diseases and destroy other cultures. CCP is now genociding uyghurs but chinese people show zero compassion. They only know how to defend their evil government. Maybe they are just evil. If they can keep everything to themselves, I’m fine with it. However, they are invading globally, every time I see bunch of these emotionless face gathering together in my community, I start to worry about our future, worry about humanity, are we eventually going to be all like these subhuman? There are 1.5 billion of them around the world. Just too much, at least have to keep them under 1 billion.

Jan 8, 2021

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  • The 5000 years of eating rice is one they love to use. TBF though they do deserve some credit. For instance If it was not for the Chinese, people would still be using dock leaves.

  • F*** China

  • Chinese women are beautiful

  • 2008ish i read a comment online from a guy who said "Chinese women are lazy b****** who deserve used tampons to be stuffed in their mouths". As the comment was in English, it seemed plausible he was a foreignet who was ranting from experience. At the time I was like eh? when I read it (obviously have mentally noted it ever since) and was not sure where it was coming from. HOWEVER now in 2022 with a lot of my experience I agree that YES they are lazy. Not sure if I would go as far as used tampons, but I can relate to it. They are also aloof and conceited when compared to other Asian countries' girls. They eveb have their own "perception of beauty" which equates to having a head shaped like a grey alien, big wide manga eyes and a cherry for a mouth. Finally, an English person called Ron Atkinson once pointed out that China does not need contraception, seeing their women are so ugly.

  • Bullshit. C**** women are smelly, have flat face, have small nose, have coin slot for eyes... Korean women are more beautiful and fair-skinned than c**** women.

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