That's it I'm ending my life f*** this life!

Jan 14

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  • F*** off and die them.

  • You have more than one reader following your posts and pulling for you. come back to us here. we aren't much, i "confess"but there are people here who genuinely do care. please live all of the life you'v e been given.

  • Please don't do that. Call a friend. Call the hotline. Call 911. Go to an ER, or after hours clinic. Don't rush into this. There is room for hope. Don't give up. Please don't give up. Please give God a chance to work in your circumstances. Please give a professional or a friend a chance to help you, a chance to change your mind, a chance to be your life line. Please!!?! I have prayed for you, just now, and God has heard that prayer He will hear yours, too. Please.

  • I have thought about you and prayed for you several more times, and i hope you are feeling better and stronger and more positive. Please take care of yourself. Please be well.

  • Still praying and hoping for you every day. Take care, please.

  • Pray into one hand and $hit into the other, see which one fills up faster. You end up with pretty much the same material. Don't like what I have to say? Then pray for me to stop ;)

  • I will certainly pray for your life and soul, and for you to find your way in this world and beyond. I pray that You will open your heart to God and be strengthened and calmed in doing so, and that eventually you will recognize and know His love, and be able to see and feel the power of prayer, as I do. Please seek God yourself. You are a good person and you need --- as everyone does --- to have God in your life. Be healthy, safe and well, and may Good bless you richly.

    Have a HAPPY 2021, my friend!!

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