It's All God's Fault!!

I'm not a midget - but only by a technicality. I'm a 23 year old woman, 4'8" tall and weigh 84 pounds. the same as a 9 or 10 year old. I wear training bras, not even AA cup. I do all my clothes shopping at junior miss stores.

College was a p***** because I was either the "joke date" or being picked up by guys who wanted to take me to amusement parks. I've had guys leave me after s** because they said the way I cried out during s** made them think of real kids and creeped them out! And getting any sort of job dealing with the public is hard as h***!

Then last summer I went to the mall just to hang out. A young boy just an inch or so taller than me began following me. It was a bit annoying. He followed me into a Macy's and into the dress racks. I turned to tell him off when I saw he had whipped out his d*** which was hard. I should have screamed then or walked off or something, but it had been four years and no one could see us there, so I gave him a handjob. He followed me around the rest of the day, we had lunch, and I took him to my car where we did it in the back seat.

I told myself it was the only time, but I started hanging at the mall regularly. I ran into the same boy and his friends. None of them know my real age, just that I'm "easy". I've had lots of experiences with boys and girls at the mall, in the park, and at sleepovers. I've considered going to the middle school to see what I can pick up there.

I wouldn't have to do this if I could get normal adult men interested in me. But they're not interested in a tiny skinny thing who gets carded at R-rated movies. This is the only way I can satisfy my sexual needs. All because of not enough growth whatevers during puberty.

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  • It's a miracle that someone can actually be foolish enough to not believe in the Almighty God. How stupid can finite creatures be to deny an infinite God. When you die you will see that you never die but you will be seperated from who you don't believe exist.

  • This confession IS about me you selfish f***! It's MY confession!

  • ^Oh me me me, the whole damn world is all about you isn't it you selfish f***!

  • And the person who started this thread (me) is saying - WHAT THE F*** DOES THIS ALL HAVE TO DO WITH MY CONFESSION?! I didn't confess about theology or belief or any of that s***! Out of 17 responses, only FIVE addressed my confession, and the rest were a bunch of wankers arguing about religion! A person is having real emotional and personal problems here, and you DICKHEADS want to discuss religion vs atheism! What a bunch of worthless s****!
    To h*** with confession and baring my soul. If this is the result, this whole site should be shut down.

  • ^lol you both should go ahead and stop, dumbass#2, dumbass#1 isn't ever gonna understand what you said, he'll post his (supposed)witty bullshit, you'll keep trying to explain to him what you said, while you insult him, and you'll both just keep looking like dumbasses.
    So in the interest of keeping the peace I'll speak for both of you.

    Dumbass#1 is saying religion is worthless, and there is no point in an individual praying, because there is no being to pray to that can answer your prayers.

    Dumbass#2 is saying neither Atheists nor Christians should have such extremist beliefs, because no one can prove anything. He did word it so it was about both groups though.

    I'm saying you're both pushy f**** who probably think everything you do or say is right.

    now pretty please, go blow each other and shut the f*** up.


    That means you are all idiots, I didn't say you were worse than the hardline christians, you f****** whiny wannabe victim, I said you were all equally stupid.

    Learn how to read fuckwad.

  • You just made reading this online confessions so worth it instead of studying for my chinese quiz.

  • ^ Oh! I'm so very sorry!
    I didn't realize that christian proselytizing is okay, but any refutations to it just isn't what YOU want to see on the internet.

    Wait... that's not what I wanted to say.

    F*** YOU! ! ! !

    Yeah... that was it.

  • ^lol I love how you can completely prove something no one else can, one way or the other.
    Hardline atheists are just as stupid and fanatical as hardline christians, its all about 'Youre stupid if you don't believe what I believe!'
    f****** putz.

  • God is not real.
    Miracles do not truly happen.
    Signs do not happen all the time.
    The ones who have a firm grip on reality turn out to be the most well balanced people on earth.

    I can pray to and worship my left shoe and get precicely the same results as you do from your imaginary friend up in the sky somewhere.

  • To the orginal poster: I know exactly how you feel, dearie. But it's as much the kids' fault nowadays because they're all sexualized at young ages. Do you think a boy would have whipped it out at a strange girl 20 years ago? No he wouldn't have!
    I'm a 4th and 5th grade math teacher and the boys in my classes are always sexually harassing me. I get notes, e-mails, photographs - not to mention pinches and gropes! I'd enjoy it if they weren't so young and clumsy about it. And other teachers get the same treatment from their students! We even had a 3rd grade male teacher complain about being groped by a female student!
    Yes, it is a shame you can't find a "normal" man, but remember that your circumstances have a lot to do with the oversexed kids of today!

  • God is real. Miracles truly happen. Signs happen all the time. Believe it and you'll see it. The ones who have the strongest faith, turn out to be the happiest people on earth.


  • Crucifixions happened all the time...
    ... just not the one portrayed in the wholley babble.

    That one IS a cruciFICTION.

  • ^ Nice try moron.
    Go pat yourself on the back for believing in the crucifiction.

  • ^says the thirteen year old.

  • ^ It figures. Only someone stupid enough to believe in god would believe this confession.

  • ITs not Gods fault!!! It's your fault for making your self so "easy" to little boys and girls. Maybe if you were a little mature and acted your age even though you dont look like your age,, thenn a decent older guy would of probably came in your life... but you decide to lose hope and just give your body to anyone. NOT RIGHT AT ALL!

  • Agreed. Pure bullshit.

  • i declare shenanigans. bullshit.

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