I have an old man for a boyfriend, or something like that

I work at a jewelry store in the mall. An old man comes by from time to time, to talk. We look at a ring, or earrings, and he pretends to be interested, but he is there to talk to me. His eyes move between my face and eyes and my b****. I have large b****, and a pretty face, a dangerous combination to have. At 44 I guess I should be happy to have a pretty face and large b****.

Before the pandemic closed the store for many months, he saw me in the food court and sat with me and asked me to see my b****. He is past the age that men get an erection, so I agreed and we went into one of the dressing rooms at Macy's and I let him see my b****. He held them in his hand, and he kissed each nipple with intention, a s** kiss, then he kissed me on the lips. I told him not to go that far. He asked if I wanted to see his d*** and I said no. I got dressed and we snuck out and went back into the mall and I went back to work, still flush, my heart racing.

He waited for me to close the store and he walked me to my car and told me he wanted to show me his d***. He wanted me to hold it, kiss it, get it hard so he could f*** me. What do you say? He got in the car with me and we went to my apartment where I undressed for him, knowing that there wasn't going to be much more than playing around with my b****, maybe he would go down on me.

His d*** got very hard and he stuck it in me, in one thrust. It took him a lot of work to get to the point of e**********, but he did. He told me he hadn't had a woman in a long time.

He was at the store again today, looking hard at my b****, I leaned over the counter so he could see my cleavage. I get wet when he comes by to look at my b****. It's his habit to to come to my apartment after I get off work when he stops by to see me at the mall. He brings me flowers, or a cake or a bottle of wine. He pays his way.

I'm waiting for him to show up, when I get off early he comes in time for dinner. It's always the same thing, undress me, make love to my b****, eat me for a long time, slowly and thoroughly, many times triggering an o*****, he fingers my butt, it takes a lot of foreplay for him to get hard. Once he's hard he is in, he can't waste it, he becomes an animal, grabbing, poking, f******, kissing, pinning me down until he e********* and after he roles off, I suck his d*** for him. He likes that. He says it's very tender right then. I suck his d*** before laying beside him to go to sleep.

13 days

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