I pretended to stalk someone in 5th grade.

There was this girl that was kind of one of my friends in the 5th grade, we are gonna call her Sarah since that's what I thought of. She pretty much lost my number, and my dumb 10 year old self was bored so I texted her on a Saturday like, "Hey, I know you." Sarah said, who is this? Well then I said- I've been spying on you. Sarah was in the school play with me the year before so I had a couple pictures of her. I sent them... And she said who are you again and then stopped responding, I also sent pictures of her bed (we will call her grace I guess) and THEN, sent like 100 photos of me, saying oh I know her the most. So the next day she was gone from school and her bsf grace was like "OMG U NEED TO KNOW ABT THIS" and told me everything I already knew, she told me Sarah's parents called the police and that's how I knew I was screwed. Btw I was literally a teachers pet and hadn't done anything to get me in trouble before this. Well Grace's dad worked in the same place as my dad, and so her dad was like, hey do you know this phone number?.... Hunny that was my number 💀 the school counsellor wanted to speak with Grace and I, and when we did I acted all naive. When she asked, is this your number? I blamed it on my sister- lol. Then grace left and I told the truth and started BAWLING. my parents picked me up early from school and I didn't have a phone for a while- well fast forward to this year, almost everyone still goes to school while I am online, my parents make me for my safety but its really not a good learning environment. Well now the same counsellor is being really nice and trying to reach out to me and talk to me (since that's her job) and I'm scared to talk to her because of past things... Although it was a prank that got out of hand I still am upset about it since I'm a goody two shoes lol. So if you are still here, should I talk to her? Pls help lol

Jan 19, 2021

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