To my daddy

Ok well to start of with I am a girl and i am 19 i hade the idea one day to join a s** site..i ended up metting a guy (ill call him...Nick..not his Real name btw) We got to talking..he is twice my age and Nick is my "daddy" and i am his little girl (No he is not my acctual dad and no i do NOT acctual want to have s** with my acctual dad befor you start b*******) ...We ended up talking in other ways than this s** site and have now been talking for almost6 months now and i have gave him my number so we could talk more the first person i've ever gave my number to that i meet online...we are more than s** we are freinds also we have ALOT in common...Like the fact we both want him to tie me up ;) lol ..I ended up falling in love with and He ended up falling inlove with me (though i'll never understand why) He always makes jokes saying "do you REALLY love me? lol" though he knows i does so this is for him


and to any of you who have some bulshit comment about me loving a older guy is wrong...or its nasty i call him my dad and we also have s**..don't bother posting it because i don't give a s*** about that ok? and again I LOVE YOU DADDY! lol so stop making jokes saying i don't im not gonna treat you like some secret i really do love you....alot

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  • Thats a touching story, NOT.

  • OK ..SO U R FAT AND OR UGLY AND HE IS MARRIED AND WEARS A SUIT SO U R SMITTEN.hes a chubby chaser who will kill u and leave ur pathetic corpse in the woods or a shalow grave.....or hes mr right ...yea right

  • W****

  • Why should she feel long as they love each other everyone else can stfu!

  • No i do NOT feel guilty but there are bitchs out there who say its wrong dumbass

  • You MUST feel guilty because you came here b******* at everyone BEFORE anyone posted a word.

    No on gives a damn who you sleep with, IF YOU BOTH ARE ADULTS !
    Now carry on, you nitwit !

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