Had it all planned

Last year after over hearing my sister talking about are cousin how she's been sleeping around i knew she would be easy and came up with a plan,I started spending more time around her being nice helping her out with anything she needed and after months i finally went for it told her she had a nice bum to she how she reacted to it and she didn't seem to mind,she was 13 and i was 16 then started talking about p*** and jerking off and she joined in and i kept going as we walked to are nans house as no one was in for the day and my plan was working we took a short cut through a field and the chat about s** was still going on and she turns to me and said i think i no why you ask me to come with you now i was thinking she wasn't going to go any further i was just in front of her and didn't want to look at her when she said we will have the place to are self's and you're thinking you're going to have s** with me i tried to pretend that wasn't the case when she said ive known for a while that's why i put a skirt on today and took off my knickers and put them in my hand i was completely shocked she knew all along what i wanted we rushed to the house and made sure it was empty and had s** on the sofa it was quick but i got what i wanted 4 more times we had s** and we even had s** with her mum in the house to when we said we was doing homework.

Jan 23, 2021

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  • Spelling and grammar are sexy.

  • Lucky

  • You don't have to read them

  • I detest many of the confessions written on this website. Many of the confessions are not mentally stimulating for me. You can tell they are written by children in middle school, perverts, devious ass holes and shallow minded people.

  • Agreed. This post is written by the same regular illiterate paki that can't spell :- note the same old spelling errors and incorrectly used words :- are instead of our is a prime example.

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