I'm gay

That is all. F*** off homophobes, this has nothing to do woth you. Go whine somewhere else

Jan 27, 2021

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  • You are gay and a criminal..death to you and to your kind

  • You took the words right out of my mouth mate..A slow painful death.to all pillow biters.

  • Oh do shut up.

    Nobody cares if you're gay. Sane people are just sick of all the dumb little edgelords running around trying to cover up their pathetic confusion by taking a gay or trans stand and running their over-exercised mouths. Sounds like you're one of them if you felt the need to start this thing with a pi$$y little attitude. So go back to cutting =)

  • Homeophobes? I didnt know people were scared of gays

  • That's just their brainless comeback at anyone who doesn't give them big hugs and lollipops for declaring what they like to do with their pee-pees.

  • Nobody fears a f***** - - we just despise them!!

  • Grow up :)

  • Agreed. NORMAL blokes despise faggots.
    Plus calling queers gay is a contractradiction in terms.
    Gay means happy according to the dictionary.
    How can a bloke be happy when in pain with another f***** painfully shoving his c*** up his s****** ?

  • Your just f****** stupid also gay people ain’t unhappy we just get annoyed with small c*** p***** like you go kill yourself xox gay f** also I’ll be looking down at you from heaven

  • I love my boyfriend. I love it when he is inside me and when he sucks my p****.

  • Me too! I know that I'm kinda young (15) and easily influenced but I love my boyfriend also even though he's a lot older.

  • That’s just weird l**** your the gay one worrying about another man dude just go home 😂 stop being werid gay dudes know how to fight

  • Lol you sound dumb

  • Why do you own the website, r*****?

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