I believe I'm trans [MTF]

So it started out as being bi, then it went to acting like a femboy, then full on cross dressing, now I'm here hating how I look as male and constantly questioning my gender. and thinking back as a child, I never enjoyed all the stereotypical guys things, I like playing dress up in Hana Montana clothes, I liked playing barbies, and mud and getting dirty wasn't fun.

I'm not here for help, I just needed to get this off my chest to the randoms of the internet.

also transphobes and homophobes, f*** you ;)

Oct 7

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  • I wish I could find more trannies.

  • ...for target practice

  • If you believe it's true, make it come true.

  • Please do not ever give up on your trans dream. And always always always take advantage of every offer of sponsorship or partnership from any man willing to help or support you. I began my own trans journey in college when I interned for a man who owned a company that worked for the university where I was enrolled. That position ultimately paid my way through grad school as I worked for the company, and that man took me as his secret mistress, covering the six C's of the needs of any mistress: Condo, Car, Consumables (food), Clothes Cigarettes and Cash. One year at Christmas, I even managed to get the Audi his wife thought was hers, and another year, I snatched the diamond ring he had purchased for her as a surprise on a trip to NYC. Did i feel bad about any of that, or regret the blatant deception? I most certainly did not! Be bold, baby! Ruin as many men as you can. Blackmail them if you have to!

  • Like most trans, I've dated lots of married men and ended lots of marriages, showing those men the "better way" and greater arousal and pleasure. They always want more of me than they want of their sad stupid wives and s***** whining kids. I always win and the families always lose. LOL.

  • Delusion runs deep with people who can't accept what they've got between their legs

  • I wish I could help you feel better, like maybe by sucking that magnificent d*** of yours....... ........... or taking it deep in my ass.......... I could take such good care of you darling. So so so so so so sweet .......

  • Do whatever you want but you have dysmorphia. You need professional help.

    Also, f*** off. Not agreeing with your pronouns/lifestyle is neither transphobic nor homophobic.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, they need to hear this at least as often as we're forced to hear that bullshit

  • Cannon ball

  • Nobody cares, live your life the way you want. You’re not that important.

  • Oh, but he IS. He really is "that" important, if he's going to take hormones, and wear lots of makeup, and get nice BIG implants and dress pretty (and, of course, he won't be doing any of that for himself; he'll be doing all of it for us) . . . . . . then, he is INCREDIBLY important and will be loved forever. He sounds like he will be pleasing many, many, many, many men throughout his loving life. He is monumentally important, and we should all recognize how vital he is to the world of s**. We cannot live in a world without she-males and we should not ever want to try. We mere males should fall at his stiletto-clad feet and worship his staggeringly long, thick, beautiful c***!!! We should worship it until it explodes and begins to pour its wonderful white lava over all our faces and down all our throats!! HE is a god and should be worshiped. Our pitiful wives cannot compete. We must worship HIM!!! We must obey HIM!!!! I hope he will tell us where we can send our regular payments and tributes! We all want to have a part in purchasing his implants, his footwear, his wardrobe, his cars and his condo. And we must be permitted to provide him a generous allowance. But, please dear God, let us pay for the implants!

  • In case it isn't obvious, ^ this is meant very sarcastically ;)

  • Oh, sweet, sweet Mother of Christ, how I love the analogy of this hot young man's c*** to an erupting volcano (Mount St. H***, perchance?), spewing white-hot lava out his crater top and raining down on us and entirely covering us (and even me), kneeling before him. Let's hope it comes to pass! He surely does seem worthy!! Let us praise him!!

  • **IN CASE IT ISN'T OBVIOUS,** that was meant very sarcastically

    Further proof that trans and those who claim to love them (aka themselves) have massive mental issues. And a serious lack of reading comprehension


  • We want to worship

  • The rest of us disagree

  • You go girl! i believe in you!

  • See more above^^^

  • Boy*

  • ^This^

  • Stop f****** up the gene pool

  • They're peeing in it!

  • Please please YES please

  • Why don't you just give us a ring whenever you make up your mind . . . about ANything. Not knowing "who you are" was acceptable (popular, even) back in the 1960's. It indicated (supposedly) a curious, active intellect. But not knowing WHAT you are is not a sign of intellect: it's a blinking electric sign on your forehead that flashes "VACANCY".

  • Not knowing WHAT oneself is is how people these days compete in the "I'm a special snowflake" Olympics. How fun to call yourself trans or fluid or anything that makes other people have to work to figure out which pronoun to use, or what's going to make you burst into tears.

    OP, worry less about transphobes and homophobes and more about idiot-phobes. Although you are undoubtedly too emotionally immature to tell the difference, if you needed to leave a passive-aggressive little ";)" at the end like a r3tard.

  • 9 out of 10 trans should worry more about being stupid than other people being stupid. oops am I a transphobe now??? Oh noes.

  • You stupid faag. You're mentally ill

  • I agree totally !!! This abnormal t*** will probably say I'm homophobic.
    I am ! And proud to be !
    The f****** world has gone mad favouring all these strange c**** that are sick in the head.
    There are TWO genders only .
    Check between your legs :-
    If you've got s pair of bollocks you're a bloke, if you've got a f**** you're a bird.
    If you think otherwise you should kill yourself.

  • I'm not homophobic or even transphobic, but I AM very much over these fools screaming all needy- and entitled-like to the world, demanding validation for every little variation in their *extremely* changeable moods. SHUT THE F*** UP AND DEAL WITH YOUR OWN S***, SNOWFLAKES.

  • Not me. I would be glad to buy you several Hannah Montana outfits if you will wear them out on dates with me. There is a fabulous and fancy Parisian restaurant in the next city over from where I live and I would love to let you get dressed up nice and then take you there and show you off!

  • And for me, I would crawl under the table and blow you like I was a w**** slave. Someone should always be blowing you . . . all day, every day. You DESERVE that! You are just sooooo hot!! And so dreamy.

  • And yeah, bollocks = bloke, cvnt = bird

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