I believe I'm trans [MTF]

So it started out as being bi, then it went to acting like a femboy, then full on cross dressing, now I'm here hating how I look as male and constantly questioning my gender. and thinking back as a child, I never enjoyed all the stereotypical guys things, I like playing dress up in Hana Montana clothes, I liked playing barbies, and mud and getting dirty wasn't fun.

I'm not here for help, I just needed to get this off my chest to the randoms of the internet.

also transphobes and homophobes, ** you ;)

Next Confession

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  • Proud of you, everyone else commenting is a raging **. Seriously, ** you people for being so brazenly hostile to this person. Unless/until you know what it's like, you can take your discriminatory ** elsewhere. Trans rights are human rights.

  • Do whatever you want but you have dysmorphia. You need professional help.

    Also, ** off. Not agreeing with your pronouns/lifestyle is neither transphobic nor homophobic.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, they need to hear this at least as often as we're forced to hear that **

  • Cannon ball

  • Nobody cares, live your life the way you want. You’re not that important.

  • You go girl! i believe in you!

  • Boy*

  • ^This^

  • Stop ** up the gene pool

  • Why don't you just give us a ring whenever you make up your mind . . . about ANything. Not knowing "who you are" was acceptable (popular, even) back in the 1960's. It indicated (supposedly) a curious, active intellect. But not knowing WHAT you are is not a sign of intellect: it's a blinking electric sign on your forehead that flashes "VACANCY".

  • Not knowing WHAT oneself is is how people these days compete in the "I'm a special snowflake" Olympics. How fun to call yourself trans or fluid or anything that makes other people have to work to figure out which pronoun to use, or what's going to make you burst into tears.

    OP, worry less about transphobes and homophobes and more about idiot-phobes. Although you are undoubtedly too emotionally immature to tell the difference, if you needed to leave a passive-aggressive little ";)" at the end like a r3tard.

  • You stupid faag. You're mentally ill

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