Wife sharing

I like to see my wife suck another man's c*** and f*** him. This excites me to the ecstasy of pleasure and I have an o*****.
Do you think this is normal.

Jan 27, 2021

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  • Probably one of the world's oldest fantasies is to share a wife. I have been married three times, my second one was killed in an accident or we would still be together.
    ALL of them were shared, in fact my 2nd wife was headed off for a date when some drunk missed a stop sign. She was the most eager about it, the other two just OK but very fussy as to who.
    Nothing better than watching a big d*** slide inside your wife, and watch them o***** right in front of you.
    Yep, very common, I have helped quite a few friends that want to watch their own wives get f*****. All I have to do is let them f*** mine, then it's my turn. Young, old, cute, homely , don't care. My favorite past time.

  • Very normal.

  • Kingtraphic@gmail.com.

    BBC, 30, into older women/wives.

  • Hello. I'd love my to see my wife suck your c**k

  • I"d love to see my wife suck your c**k and f**k you.
    Search for Hamster' Romicucold profile.

  • ME TOO.

  • Whitebusinessfox@gmail.com pics of ur wife please

  • Hello. Search for Hamster's Romicucold profile.

  • I watched from from outside as she sucked a guy in his car. She set it up for me to see but he never knew

  • Very normal .think of it all the time. thenit happeed and it was amazing he f***** her as i watched . after he left we made love . .

  • It may not be"normal" but f*** it, if you and your wife like it thats all that matters.

  • Thanks .

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