I don't think I'm normal.

I m********* alot. In the shower or bath. In bed, on the floor, in my car in a parking lot or at a park, whenever and wherever I get the urge. Its several times a week. But here's the thing. I hear this about dudes, that's normal, but I'm a chick.

Jan 28, 2021

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  • I’m masturbating as I write this. Third time today. And I f***** my wifes mom this morning and then after I got hard again I f***** my wife. I normally make them bend over beside each other. I beat both of their ass with a paddle then I f*** them but today I made each one watch the other get f*****. My mil and wife are so h**** and they like threesomes a lot. I like to make my wife eat her moms p**** of my d*** and I like to make her watch me and her mom kiss and me eat her mom out. Her ass hole taste really good. My wife has eaten her moms s*** off my d*** once and it was so hot. So no you aren’t weird. And by the way I just went all over myself

  • Don’t feel bad I j****** at least 5 times a day. So yours can’t be as bad as mine. My d*** actually stays sore because I can’t stop beating it. It’s all I think about. And I still have s** at least once a day but I f***** my wife four times yesterday.

  • Although male sexual drive is on average higher than a woman's drive, it is not uncommon for a woman's s** drive to be near that, or above a males s** drive. No harm, no foul...enjoy

  • That's perfectly normal! It's just a patriarchal stereotype that only men get h**** or m********* a lot, women do too. Enjoy yourself, and be safe :)

  • I have a natural drilling machine...wanna try ?

  • I recall a woman writing to Penthouse saying that she got off while marching with a flag. Something about where the pole rested on her crotch. She went out and bought a parade flag, marching boots, and a uniform and would march around the yard at night to pleasure herself.

  • Chicks are as h**** as dudes, is normal!

  • That's why there's nearly 8 billion of us.

  • It's interesting that you like to m********* in semi-public places: in your car or at park. Do you hope that someone will see you ? Would you like someone to watch ? Just curious 😉

  • Where exactly do you park I might j****** there too

  • What meds are you taking?

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