Stomachaches turn me on

From childhood when my dolls had a lot of stomach aches, stomach aches have turned me on - as long as it's not mine.
I like to hear people talk about having a sick stomach - that their belly hurts - they ate too much or whatever and to watch how they push up their shirts up to hold that aching stomach or rub it or knead it or double over with the pain.
I like to help out someone with a tummy ache but I also get off on watching someone pig out at a buffet or something, knowing they are going to get a world class bellyache and suffer for it.
I sometimes pretend to have a stomachache to see how people respond and to be able to say the phrases that turn me on like Oh, I have a bad stomachache - my stomach, oh, my stomach and stuff
Or to be able to say "My belly hurts - does yours?" and get the person with me to admit that the beans or the chinese take out or whatever has given their stomach pains. I watch tummy ache fetish videos on you tube and look at stock photos of people with bellies that hurt.

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  • Lol...that's kind of a **' fetish. Weird, but I can sorta see where you're coming from. I like it...I approve.

  • ** strange person .
    I'll kick you the stomach.
    Then you'll ** ache !

  • How about if someone punches you in the belly - would you get off on that ?

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