I had part of my ** amputated

I'm about to turn 18. When I was an infant I was circumcised like most other males in the United States. But the doctors accidentally cut me really bad and had serious bleeding. It got infected and I had to have the gland of my ** amputated when I was just a week old.

I've had severe depression since puberty. I have been too scared to talk to any girls. This would have been avoided if my parents didn't give into the peer pressure of her friends. My mother told me that people like me are "silenced." I will never get to experiance ** the way everyone else who isn't circumcused do.

The "health benefits" of circumcision is a myth. I won't get penile cancer if I don't smoke cigerettes or get sti's. I won't get an sti if I practice safe **. Foreskin care isn't difficult. We circumcise babies because its lucrative and the doctors don't want to admit they messed up by doing this. People like me exist and we are silenced. They say the prosecure is really safe, but they really just don't index the injuries.

Religious freedom ends when an innocent person is victimized.

Jan 29, 2021

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  • Your foreskin gets made into anti aging cream because it produces fibroblasts

  • Not 100% sure what kind of feed back you want. If the issue is keeping you from feeling comfortable getting a woman in your life, seek counseling. If you are venting...what is the point? We are all strangers..if you are concerned that you cannot please a woman...stop worrying...really stop it..Do research and you will find that 65%+ woman do not ** from **...Don't believe what you see in **..it is just nonsense..Learn great oral skills and you will be doing great!!! Look, you deal with the cards dealt to you and you do the best you can..it may not always be easy but as long as you keep moving forward, things will get better

  • Girls are the most amazing creatures and they Love your for what you are not what you think they might like or dislike.
    They can be the most endearing tender person in the world, you must find her and not worry about what might happen. Some are good some are not so take your time and find a warm hearted female!!
    So sorry to hear about what happened to you. If I remember correctly it was a Dr Kellogg that thought it would stopped a male from **. But like many other Dr. they get things really wrong and get paid for it.
    I hope you have a good life and find the right girl, they can be really amazing when you find the right one!!

  • Totally agree. It's unnecessary mutilation. Mine is too tight and has caused me some problems for years. Luckily, it didn't cause me the problems you are experiencing (sorry dude). I have three boys and have not circumcised them. It should be illegal to circumcise.

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