My cousins feet and nudes

So my cousin knows about my foot fetish, some times she’ll send me feet pics or nudes. She does it for fun, for me to j******* too! But honestly I really wanna f*** her soooo bad. I just wanna face f*** her. Till she screams. She tells me about her other s** experience with other men. I love it. I love it when she gets ticked by other men honestly. When she’s f***** good I’m happy honestly. When she’s f***** good I’m happy. And happy to hear about it. This is 100% true!!

Jan 31, 2021

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  • I'm a 24 year old woman, and have an extreme foot fetish. I know I'm like this, because of my Daddy. My mom died when I was 4. I was big for my age most people though I was 7 or 8. After mom died I remember sitting in Daddy's lap for hours every night and he rub my feet with lotion, by 5 we spending hours kissing as he did it. I enjoyed what dad did to me, it felt so good. I never told anyone as truthfully I loved being the center of his world.

    He also began training me to wear heels. We have money, and by 11, I had 50 new pairs of custom made heels each year from Daddy. I loved them and hated having bare feet, I also had the body of a 15 year old girl and knew how to control Daddy with it. I got everything I wanted.

    We were also ful on sexual and i had been orgasmic since 7. And willing blew him since i was 9. I equated to c****** with wear sky high heels and having a my feet are messaged and kissed and my toes sucked.

    Daddy is an incredible lover, I can c** from s**, but only if I'm wearing heels. When Daddy, c*** on my feet I have squirting o******.

    I know it wrong to be with Daddy, but only he can give me the foot play I must have. Only he can make me c** this way.

  • My father and I ended up as lover when I was 16, from foot message. It felt so good.

    I'm 50 now we still foot play and s** daily. Love wearimg high heels to tease him.

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