It was all my fault

I lost my wife because I convinced her to have a threesome and she became a w****. I would give everything just to change that day. And if I ever accept that she's really gone and I'm not getting her back, I know that there would be nothing left for me here and I would kill myself. I hope with everything I have that she comes back to me someday.

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  • I have had threesomes with my wife several times. It does spice up our s** life. Not every marriage can handle it but we can. There had to be other issues at play in your marriage, I'm guessing.

  • Dont talk about commiting suicide, that is not necesary.
    Just find someone else, trust me you can re-find love, love is not in another person, it is inside you, you decide to feel it or not, no matter who you are with at the time.

  • Oh those women, you give them an ounce of freedom and they buy a one way ticket to slutsville and they don't look back. Better to keep them locked in the house, constantly barefoot and pregnant, am I right?

    In all seriousness, do you really think all it took was a one time thing to make her rethink her marriage? Do you think there could have been something more fundementally wrong with your marriage? Something that had a been a long time building and for which you contributed equally to? I don't mean to diminish your pain, but let's not blame the easy target here.

  • Be careful what you wish for. You wanted the fantasy and you got a reality check. You guys who want threesomes.. there's a reason why a relationship is between two people and why three's a crowd. You don't really "convince" someone. She wanted to do it somewhere within her, you just gave her a push. If it marriage is meant to work, then you'll both be willing to work on it.

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