Just like mom

I have been crossdressing and fantasizing about pleasing men since my early teens. I am a 55 married man and have and several encounters with men my age and older. I loved loved it each time and want it even more now. I try to get my wife to take a lover hoping that maybe we could have a mmf. I would spy on my mom as a kid. My parents had lots of parties and I would hide in my fort I had in our unfinished basement where nobody could see me. Mom would come down to get something and sometimes a guy would follow her. I saw a lot and want to be like her. Anyone care to chat about it, talk about things we saw? Please email me. I enjoy talking about my past and wife's past



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  • You ever dressed up another guy in girls panties and white long socks pleated skirt etc or you get the urge you want to?? My friend once realised I was l****** for his younger sisters blue cotton panties and left them on the floor in front of me knowing I was high on uppers and after much eyeing them and dripping into my pants for several hours, I realised he was as turned on as I was. We ended up spending hours playing with her underwear

  • My friend got me to dress up in his little sister's panties and pleated skirts back in 5th grade and after. I was smaller and kinda girly I guess, I was so excited that I scked him when he laughed and told me to do it.

  • I'm a newlywed and I used to dress up as a little kid and into my teens. Boy's who knew constantly took advantage of my secret and I loved their attention. Now it's starting up all over again and I've got two men friends.

  • Are they older? I prefer older more dominating men

  • Yes, much older and very assertive.

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