I couldn’t help it...

I heard moaning and panting coming from the basement one night when I was 16yo and thought I was home alone only to discover my grandfather on his back with the girl from down the street, 20yo max, riding his c***. Guess they didn’t hear me creep down because they never slowed. In fact they went faster and moaned louder. I knew I should’ve turn back but my nipples were so hard and p**** ached watching them, seeing his big c*** enter her small p****. She was even moaning “Grandpa” while he fondled her t***. I couldn’t help it but I watched the whole thing, thighs tightly pressed together, rubbing my nipples as I watched him c** inside her. I quickly left before they could notice.

I couldn’t look at Gramps again...my eyes always wandering to his crotch. Started noticing how handsome he was, started hugging him more, kissing his cheek then lightly on the lips. I knew it was wrong but I never felt this feeling in me before. We cuddle more on the couch, he would hold my hand “to keep him steady” in public. I would end almost every night fingers deep in my own p**** imagining it was me on top of him that night and every time I would c** harder than the last. I even started getting jealous when I thought about it; why did he go after some s*** down the street when he knew I was there with him? Why didn’t he even just m********* to me?

I couldn’t help it, I needed more. I needed more of his c*** in my life. I started sneaky around his room when he was away at appointments; looking through his dirty magazines in his top drawer and masturbating on his bed. Peaky through his window watching him change or sneak in when he was showering in his master bathroom. He always left the door open and listening to his music he never noticed me watching him through the glass door admiring his big c***.

He caught me one day. Saw me on my knees outside the door peeking my head in to watch him shower. “Sweetheart, help grandpa finish soaping up.” I was embarrassed but did as he told, afraid he would tell my parents. “Don’t be shy, you can keep your underwear on.” Regretfully, I was in a white bra and light pink panties. I climbed in and started washing his chest and arms for him, I couldn’t help but notice his c*** twitch. I was silent as I washed him and he rambled about the days when I was younger and he would bathe me. “Of course back then you were only about this tall”

With out warning, he pushed me to my knees. The water made my underwear see through and my nipples hard as I looked up to him, his c*** face to face with me. “Go on” he grinned, holding his hard c*** “clean it...like a good slutty girl.” The tip was against my lips, my dreams coming true. Before either of us could come to our senses I wrapped my lips around his c*** and sucked. It tasted better than I imagined. I was moaning instantly as I took long, hard mouth strokes with it. Savoring every inch of him. He had to hold on to the wall when my nose reached the end and his whole c*** was in my mouth, down my throat. “You dirty s***” he groaned reaching down to take off my bra.

“Please grandpa, f*** me” I couldn’t hold back anymore. My p**** was throbbing, my nipples rock hard, his c*** bigger than I dreamed. He told me no, “it wasn’t right” but I begged and begged. Swearing I’ll never tell, “momma even has me on the pill.”

Once he heard that, it was over. He pulled me to my feet holding my arms almost mad. “That s*** has you on the pill?? No wonder you’re a h**** mess! Those pills are evil, make you young girls into s****.” He reached into my soaked panties and rubbed my folds “F****** knew it” he yanked them down “Turn around before I change my mind” he growled. My p**** is dripping just remembering. Face and hands pressed against the cold wet tile, Grandpa spreading my legs, feeling his hard c*** against my slit. Just as my first moan was coming out, he shoved it deep in me. I was in pure bliss. Grandpa was finally f****** me.

And he did. Hard. He couldn’t help it, his hands gripped my hips as he drilled deep into me. B**** slapping my p**** as I covered my mouth from screaming. He started out calling me a “dumb s***” and a “no good w****” but as I moaned Grandpa over and over it turned into “Angel” and “sweetheart”

The only thing left was for him to c** in my p**** but instead he pulled out, pushed me back to my knees and slapped him grown c*** on my face until he was c******. It even got in my eye as he milked more and more out.

Feb 1, 2021

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  • I saw my grandfather giving it to grandma, I was surprised, he had a d*** that was easily as big around as a coke can.
    He was 78 at the time, I was 19 and he pit me to shame in the bedroom,
    Grandma had huge saggy b****, and more hair downstairs than I ever saw on a woman before or since, it reached clear to her navel.
    Amazing to watch that, I looked at grandpa a lot differently back then after that.
    He was in really good shape for such an old guy, now I knew why.

  • So hott im so hard thinking about this I'm going to make my daughter suck my d*** now maybe come in her mouth

  • What did I just read? Ewwww

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