I'm tired

I am a sensitive person and I tend to cry very easily. Even when I don't want to cry I end up getting emotional and my own family makes fun of me for it. A while ago I heard my mom laughing and telling dad how I was crying during lunch because she was going to take my laptop away. It's the only thing keeping me sane while I'm stuck at home. I have no siblings or anyone around to spend them with. My grandma's toxic and always guilt trips me and yells at me for no reason. My parents are fine and all but they never acknowledge the fact that I'm q**** even when I told them. They always brush things off. I don't have many friends to begin with and I'm ridiculed for being socially awkward in public. I have trouble doing good at school and it's for my own fault. I feel lost and I get really triggered by some things that mom says to me. They make fun of my failed suicide attempt when I overdosed on pills saying I'm a freak and laugh about it. I don't want anyone to bring it up but I laugh along hiding my inner feelings. It's hard for me to get angry because like I said earlier, I cry easily. It's irritating. I'm tired. I dunno what to do anymore

Feb 1, 2021

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