BBC for wife

I would love to hear stories about your wife f****** black guys and you clean up her p****

Feb 8, 2021

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  • My asian wife wants to try a huge BBC. She's early 30s huge t***.

  • Hahah! Jokes on you! My wife likes Hispanic guys, not black guys! And I don't want to clean her up.

  • Jokes on you your wife is one of the girls I f***** bareback. Look at her and ask she won't be able to look at you. By the way how my d*** taste .

  • So back in the days before I married my wife she cheated with a black coworker fit straight out of highschool . She has a thing for younger guys I was 18 so was he and she was 25. One day I go pick her up from work and she comes walking out with him says this new coworker he don't have a ride home so she offered me not thinking I said sure why not jump in. Well a few days later she says she will be taking her car to work has a few errands to do before she starts . They worked in a big chain discount store won't say the name . Well that day I go wait at her house a hour before she gets there she only worked a mile and half from her house. Well 2 hours go by nothing 4 hours later she shows up about 11 pm . I was like what took you she like we had inventory. Till this day I remember what she had on white tights with white lace panties. She lays in bed without without changing and showering so I lay next to her start getting h**** I tried to put my hand down her pants and she says no not tonight moves my hand that she beat . Me being a h**** 18 year old gets on top of her grinding my 5inch little c*** on her c*** both fully cloth. I tell her come babe let me get some please and she says ok. I jump up pull my pants and boxer off as she slides her tights and panties off. As I get on top I want to eat her c*** that was my MO I just loved how she taste before I would f*** her. As I go down she picks my head up and says not tonight I tell her please just a quick taste she says make it quick as I start licking her it's so wet I start sucking all the juices coming out hit my tounge good 3 inches in her. She lets a moan out and c*** I come up for air and start f****** her and shot my load in her. We fall asleep and in the morning I hear a knock on her house door it's about 7 am on a Saturday. I get up and answers and it's her bbc coworker. I was like can I help you. he says her to see Valerie I say she asleep .

  • And he ask what am I doing there I tell him she my gf remember he says she said you guy broke up I was like with. I tell him hold on and wake her up and say charles is at the door .she like tell him go away and she won't get out of bed. I go back tell him to leave he proceeded to tell me they hooked up after work yesterday . He leaves and I go in the room and confront her and she finally confess they hooked up at his house and s**. I was furious and started asking if he used a rubber and she says no that he came in her. At this point we are arguing I ask if he was bigger and she says yeah he calls it his Python. I tell her you let me lick you up after he nuted in you. She was like you begged for it and I told you no at first.

  • I was so mad knowing I cleaned up his creampie that his kids were in my belly now. She said she wanted some space but I new she wanted more bbc I left home furious and hurt. Few weeks later she calling asking if we can talk and if course I said yes . Well we ended up f****** bareback shot my load in her. Told her we need some space she was saying she was not seeing him no more . But I did not believe her we were f****** on and off and each time I would eat her out . She had the most beautiful and sweat p**** ever. Well I found out she was sleeping with both of us and I started noticing she was standing piegon and bowlegged. I was like this bbc is hammering her. I told her we needed to go separate ways.

  • Well about 8months later I hear she looking and wants to talk to me thru mutule friends. I call her and she picks me up and begs me please forgive her that will do anything I can do whatever I want with her any time that she quit her job . Well in those months I must of slept with about ten girls by far she still had the best p**** it was addicting. She became my cumdumpster every hole any time. Three years later she became prego and we moved in together. I have probably slept with over 100 women over the years and she still has the best p****. Here the kicker I am not mad about it one bit no more . Find myself watching cuckhold bbc cream pie p*** gets me hard and h****. Thinking of her getting pounded by some young bbc filling her up me not knowing and cleaning it up

  • Me and my girl friend (both of use are married and moms) went to Jamaica and spent 10 days there. We went to the beach and within about half an hour we has two teen boys hitting on us, giving us free sun tan rub downs etc. We got the clue and they wanted to go to the room with us for a massage.
    We agreed and we got a sausage massage, LOL. They were with us all week and we tipped them well.

  • Holding my wifes hand as she got her 1st black c*** was amazing . on holiday in jamicia and boy did we have holiday of lifetime . her facial expressions n moans as he f***** her then him filling her with c** . .as soon as he left i went down on her . never seen so much c** .

  • Do you have any pictures of her?

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