What a big brave man you are

You say don't bring it up. You say 'quit holding it over your head'. It's not like you forgot my birthday. You hit me, you hurt me, you broke my things. You threatened me, you gave me an STD, you lied like a m***********. But you get all offended if I have rage at you for it because for some reason, you just think since it's 'in the past' it's long gone. NO, F*******. I still have the trauma. I went through it. I dealt with it. So YOU deal with it now. I know you've 'changed your ways' but ya know what? I don't give a s***. From time to time, I'm going to be angry and YOU are going to deal with it. P**** ass b****! 'Oh, don't yell at me! It hurts my feelings!' P**** ass b****! So f****** brave that you can pick on me when I'm down but you can't take what you created. You're so special, such a momma's boy. F*** you c*******. I'd love to beat your face in with a baseball bat. So willing to hurt but just so sensitive to 'being hurt'. Wah, wah, wah-- I'm so special, I'm too special. I can picture breaking your neck over my knee.

Soon enough, I'll have the money to get away from you. Money you can't control. I'll be free of you. And then you won't have to worry about me 'hurting your feelings' anymore. F****** P****.

Oct 27, 2011

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  • Bullies always want you to "move on" when you have your own power and want them to own up to their assholery. Then they act like THEY'RE the victims!

  • lol. cry more.

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