It all started....

It all started when my step mom was trying to hook up the VCR. She's slim and really hot. She met my dad at the gym where she works as an aerobics instructor...blonde and stunning. She was bent over and I could see her panties. Pink, with some lace on the top. She turned around, and asked "I'm going to take a shower, can you hook this thing up for me Pete?"

As I hooked it up, I was very aroused. I couldn't help but think of that sight. Tight and oh so round. It gave me goosebumps.

The next morning I was walking into the kitchen and saw her eating cereal on the table. She was wearing this really small top, and short shorts. Her hair tied back allowing her face to bask in the glowing morning light. I froze right there. My heart skipped a beat, and my face turned red. So after looking at her for a couple seconds, she looks at me and goes "hey, whats the matter?"

I just stuttered and said I was checking if we needed anymore milk.

I opened the fridge, and said "nope looks like we're good". I immediately turned around and walked out of the room.

I went to the living room and caught my breath. I was standing in the exact same spot I saw my step-mom's panties. My heart was racing so I went upstairs to go to my room. I needed to cool off.

As I went up, I passed the dirty clothes hamper by the bathroom door.

There it lay in all its glory.

The pink panties my step mom wore the other day. Temptation ran through my mind, and it consumed me. I looked around, no one was there.

"Just pick it up, take a sniff. One little whiff - no one will get hurt"

I rubbed my sweaty fingers together and inched towards the underwear. My ears were burning, and a fire ignited in my stomach. I began to grow weaker by the second.

I touched the underwear and felt its soft smooth texture, its intricate silk lacing on the top rim. It was heavenly. Upon closer inspection, there was not a stain to be seen, nor a weave of cotton out of place. It was magnificent.

Finally I did it.

I pressed it up against my face.

I did not smell it.

I inhaled it.

I didn't just take in the sweet waff that came from it, but I consumed the smell as if it were the last breath of air I would ever take. It was everything I expected and more. I was intoxicated by it, and every time I filled my lungs with the smell I wanted more.

I whispered sweet things into the pink mass of delight. "You don't know how much I need you. I love you... I love you, love you ... love you"

That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" asked my step mother.

At this point I lost the will to even deny what I had done. The underwear just fell straight down, and I looked down at it.

"I .... ..."

"I was...."

"I was um, checking if the clothes in the hamper were dirty or not, and if they needed cleaning, just checking to make sure ... you know ... "

"No you weren't" she said as she slid her hand from my shoulder down to the side of my arm.

She pushed me into the bathroom and locked the door.

I tried to say something, tried to explain myself ... tried to make sense of all this.

She just kissed me softly on the lips as I tried to speak. She then untied her hair.

She whispered "wanna taste the real thing?" and gave me a look that cut me in half, and a smile that put me back together.

I said ".... ummm ook."

She kissed me all over. I looked down at her and she looked at me. Our eyes were dancing the tango.

I got excited and she noticed. She looked down and smiled and said "hey there tiger, you're pretty big for a white guy". She looked surprised.

I said to her, "Pretty big for a white guy huh!?"

I put my finger on her forehead and moved a golden lock of her hair behind her ear and whispered...

Feb 14, 2021

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