The encyclopedia definition mentally slow not mentally retarded

The encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand learn to process information i'm not the encyclopedia definition of mentally retarded a person that limited or uncapable to understand learn to process information

Feb 16, 2021


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  • Retarded = someone who does not think outside the box

  • Mentally retarded person got the IQ score of 69 or below my IQ score 87 lying b**** believe that

  • Oh god, you're like that one tardmo in the classroom who's been kicked out of the special class and can't comprehend that nobody cares about the random $hit you bellow about in the middle of lessons. You got shortchanged in the brain department. Deal with it.

  • I understand learn know done algebra one algebra two geometry one geometry two i done trigonometry calculus i'm not mentally retarded i'm mentally slow read the encyclopedia definition its not the samething believe that

  • Put it on your ugly family lives lying b****

  • You’re a moron.

  • Put it on your family life you lier

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