Deep down i knew

Deep down i knew something was going on between my son and daughter,at first i had no reason to think something was wrong then i started noticing they we're spending to much time in each others bedroom's with the door shut,I finally had it out with my daughter when i cleaned my son's bedroom and found her bra under his bed and a used condom,she's 14 and he is nearly 16 and she said they're just practicing,I knew i couldn't really stop them and sort of gave my blessings and all i hear at night is them together.

Feb 17, 2021

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  • If you allow a s** filled teen free rein it will be damaging emotionally. I truly did mess around with my brother... until I was about 8 and we both realized it was wrong. It's expected for children to do that but a teenager should have been butt whipping time.

  • Why not just join?

  • Let them enjoy. Afterall, they are already into incest.What's the point in pontificating and panicking?
    Just teach them about condoms and hygiene.

  • Nice

  • I grew up in a free love household and have had s** with all 3 of my brothers and my dad since i was young. My daddy was the 1st person to ever go down on me. Its ok

  • So hot! Email me and tell me about your dad going down on you

  • Free love household is not seen in any dictionary.Why?
    Why not consanguinamory?

  • He puts that crap on nearly all confessions

  • He won't stop attacking people it's the only way he gets to chat and if they don't he comments on his own posts

  • Everybody just needs a report every time you write down and he'll get kicked out

  • You did fine. Just be sure she's on the pill, and then let them have at it.

  • This kind of incest happens all the time. Our two kids had s** with each other from the time he was 13 and she was 15. We made sure she took the pill and they had s** every night for 7 years until he move out to go to college. They've both found mates and are married now.

  • I had s** with 3 differant girls in my family and we all turned out just fine.

  • A very common situation

  • My brother and I started when I was 16 and he was 14. We have been completely in love for 30 years now and have have a 24 year old daughter.

  • Congratulations that's great

  • Sometimes things happen between brothers and sisters. Just be sure they are using birth control. Maybe put your daughter on the contraceptive pill? Just tell the doctor it's to help her period cycle.

  • That type of incest is the most common, the least psychologically damaging but the worst genetic crossing, if a baby is made. Put her on b.c.

  • I've been with my sister for over 20 yrs. Giving them your blessing was a great thing. Our kids have become active together as well.

  • This is a recipe for disaster. It is what it is, but make them stop before it turns into a dumpster fire of a situation.

  • They grow out 9f it

  • More BS stories.

  • Stop them now. Lower the boom. Get tough. This can only lead to a distorted future and tragic consequences. Of course share plenty of understanding and discussion along the way.

  • Let them live their life.

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