3rd Rock

All sexual activity on Earth is primitive , repulsive and disgusting . Earth is one of the most backward planets I've ever visited and I've been doing this survey for 35,000 years , (as Earth humans understand time) .

Feb 17, 2021

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  • I always thought my wife might be an alien. That might explain some weird things over our 46 year marriage. However the s** was quite nice and the children are quite normal. On the other hand, your point of view sure does explain a few things about all my galactic hillbilly in-laws!

  • Dude, I’ve been doing it for millions of years and no humans aren’t that out of the ordinary

  • Everyone knows that Earth is the trailer trash of the galaxy!

  • Worse than... praying mantises? Bees? Baboons? There are lots of other species that have more alarming mating kinks than hominids. You need to stop using p*** as your gauge and do actual research to glean accurate results and wise conclusions

  • Based and Martian-pilled

  • You still have your head up Uranus.

  • I see what you did there!

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