Step daughters iPad

My 21 yr old step daughter and I have the same model iPad with the same case. She stopped by the yesterday, and accidentally took mine and left hers. I picked it up thinking it was mine and realized quickly that it wasn’t, when it wasn’t locked out. So after opening it, I figured out it was hers, so being the nosy old b****** I am, I went into her pics. Wow is all I can say. She’s recently lost twenty/twenty five pounds, and the pics on her iPad show it. Most were of her in bikinis/bra and panties, but there were a few nudes on there. She came by again later last night and dropped my iPad off, and took hers. But in the twenty mins she was there, I couldn’t once stop thinking about her nude. I also snapped pics of her nudes on my phone. Can’t wait for summer to see her in her bikini again.



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  • U show something u should not c, and got turn on? how do u feel about it?

  • Sick Fucck Incest is for imbeciles too homely, retarded, and unstable to have a relationship with anyone outside of their family.

  • Stupid fucck read the op it’s his step daughter and he’s not doing anything with her just seen her pics!! Moron

  • Fuck her lollagucci is my wickr HMU

  • Jerk it, in peace.

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