Ladies follow me

Made this account on Instagram and my friends have no idea. Im trying to get more women followers on my Instagram @hannah_westonland if you can do or is willing to try, to do what I post DM a vid an I'll post you on my page.

Jun 3, 2020

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  • Another dumb white woman

  • Still need attention that badly, little one? Did Daddy not hug you enough?

  • Sorry I dont support women and I don't trust women. I support men only. Stop wasting your time.

  • No one asked you, pig
    And no one likes or cares about you

  • White is pig. Women ain't shyt. No one wants to support women. I'm a woman and I hate women. Every time I see these ugly dogs. I just want to keep on their necks.

  • Somebody is still desperate for attention, especially from white people. <3

  • Are you a woman? Then this wasn't for you, moron. You have proven beyond all doubt that you are literally more mouth than brains, but damn it is fun to slap you down for it.

  • Are you mad at Bill Cosby? So he denied you. Go get some meds

  • What a moron...

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