Flirt wife

My wife has always been a total flirt and loves to show off her big b****** and curvy ass no matter where we are. Short skirts and dresses,low cut tops sometimes no bra.
women in the neighborhood kept a close eye on her when she was around their husbands or boyfriends.
Working in the front yard in short-shorts and a no bra top was a favorite of hers.
Once I couldn't find her and went down to a neighbors house that i knew she visited and found her in the backyard slightly drunk with the guy who lived there . He wore some kind of speedo's and obviously had an erection,she had a tiny bikini with her b**** almost falling out.
I told her she had to come home right now with me but she protested and then he intervened.
We argued and then he punched me on the jaw knocking me out cold.
I was out for some time and woke up with water being splashed on my face and then helped home by him.
It was very embarressing and soon all over the neighborhood that I was knocked out with one punch because of my flirting wife.

Then about a month later at a party at a neighbor's house this same guy was there but only with his teenage daughter,a cute petite blonde girl.
His wife and he had split for awhile.
I kept my distance from him and like always my wife flirted,the more she drank the more she flirted.
Then at one point while my wife and he were together giggling about whatever,he left to get another drink and the teen daughter confronted my wife. She blamed her as one of the reasons for her parents splitting and was right in her face.
People stopped what they were doing to watch this little teenager tell my wife off and I was enjoying it all.
My wife was taller and outweighed this young girl but that didn't stop the teen at all.
Then my wife called her a little c*** and that when it happened,the teen made a fist and threw the best right cross and landed on my wife's jaw.
Down she went landing spread eagle ending up with her dress around her waist showing off the pink thong panties which didn't cover much.
One b****** popped out of her top the other almost out and hard nipples showing.
She was out cold and I was elated that she finally got what most of the women wanted also,to coldcock her.
The sight of that small teen standing over the spread eagle chubby mature,her fist still clenched was awesome.
Later that night with my wife in her tiny nightgown,holding ice over her jaw she kept repeating how embarressing it was,punched and knocked out like that,and by a teen girl too.

Feb 20

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  • Many years ago, I dated a married stripper who lived in a trailer. She ran her husband off and I moved in with her. After I had been there about six months, one of the other ladies in the trailer park told that mine at one point had slept with every man in the park. I asked my lady about it and she just laughed and laughed and said it was total truth. She said she went through almost 30 guys and had busted up over two dozen marriages or relationships and families. She said she was PROUD to be able to look those ladies in the eye and know that her p**** was the best and that their husbands all proved it cuz they would come running to her anytime she snapped her fingers. Even though I had intended to marry her at the beginning, I moved out on her when I found out she'd f***** all her neighbors". I could of been in your situation. Damn! I'm super sorry it happened to you!

  • Thanks for the reply and sorry it didn't work out for you. Your girlfriend and my ex sound like the same. I look back and wonder why I didn't leave sooner.
    It was like she wanted to make other women jealous and me too.
    Perhaps I just wasn't man enough for her although we had great s**.
    For whatever reason she loved to see me get in a fight over her which i did in two other occasions,both times i was knocked out.
    But seeing her laid out cold by that young girl was awesome

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