Curious Older Straight Male

I am a married 74 year old male who has the desire to have s** with another man. I was wondering if other men have these thoughts at my age. I watch some of the videos about older guys cruising and really get turned on watching. Lately I have thoughts about not only sucking off a man but I would also like to feel what it is like to have a man use me, hate to use the word, but I want to be f*****. I would love to discuss this with others.

Feb 22, 2021

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  • Hello, I am a 66 year old straight married male and I have a long time panties wearing fetish and my lady friend and I have found out that I really get turned on by watching solo males stroking themselves in panties or naked. I have found out that I have a strong desire to explore my sexuality with another panties wearing male and watching each other stroking ourselves in panties and exploring stroking each other’s c**** and even trying frottage. I believe that I am a little bi-sexual and really want to explore my sexuality. I think it’s natural for males as we get older to want to explore. I say go for it and just enjoy whatever it is that you want to explore

  • Hi I am also 74 and am gay and love gay s** with other men my age and younger which I have done for sometime now and would love to chat with you more about maybe meeting you and having s** together. I also wear panties and bras and use tampons and love to do enemas with my partners anytime
    and have been very experienced at enemas since I was about 13 or 14 and have given an enema to another guy a few months ago and he wants me to give him another one. I also asked him about f****** me when we meet again and he said he would stick his c*** up my bottom and c** inside me.. E,mail me at if you would like to communicate somemore.
    Have a great day Pantydresser

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