Wife dates black men

I spent nearly 2 years trying to talk my wife into seeing other men. One afternoon she casually invited home a black guy from work. After leaving to go to the store and returning I found them having s... together. From that point he was a regular; That was not the most exciting part, however; the most exciting part came when the guy’s 17yo nephew started coming around regularly every weekday morning after i left for work; that continued on for 2 years;

Feb 22

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  • You are so super lucky to have such a sensual and beautiful wife that so many black me want to love. Black men are more selective than white men. But right now it's just fun. Soon those same men are going to want to start BREEDING that nasty white b**** you married And once they start, they aren't going to stop. You'll have a house full of black illegitimate forever. And there'll be no room for any of YOUR children . thats just what those animals do.

  • It's not nice to talk about yourself.

  • They are not animals. Black men are wonderful lovers. Even a below average black c*** is bigger than a huge white c***.

    Even if it’s no longer the black man has much mor girth and any woman will tell you girth is where it’s at.

    As for bi racial children, they are beautiful

  • Wow! What a lucky woman.

    I’m 50 and had my first BBC this summer. Well actually had two. They are twin brothers and 18 years old.

    I was heart broken when they went of to university. But my husband is not aware of the relationship.

    I am surprised your wife is open to you knowing especially since it is so frequent. She must be in heaven having such a young man. Not to mention I bet he is hung like a horse and hard as a rock.

    She is indeed very blessed.

    How about you, is she giving you any? I know while I was with the twins my interest in my husband was little to none as those boys wore me out and stretched my kitty. But I never had such amazing s**.

    I cannot wait till spring break

  • How much were you stretched?

  • Well my husband is 8 inches and a decent amount of girth. He was the biggest c*** I experienced so I had to marry him. I had become sexually active at 14 and been with 44 guys before my husband (we were both 24 at the time).

    I’ve been his for 25 years now.

    These twins were a little longer by maybe 1-1.5 inches at it was hard to ride them without “bottoming out”. But the girth was incredible. It actually hurt at first

    When I had s** with my hubby later that day he slid right in. I was scared he would notice but it was fine.

  • Damn! Sexiest thing EVER!!! I hope you'll offer regular reports of your exploits with those young men!!! Please??

  • I’ll be sure to creat a post about what happens during spring break

  • The best time was when the twins left just before my husband came back from doing some chores at his parents.

    We had a wild time. The boys came in every hole at least once. I was exhausted. I mean I’m a 50 year old woman and I wasn’t even that wild as a teen and I got around!

    Any way I digress, I was exhausted I was laying there on the bed when my husband walked in the bedroom. My hair was a mess and the bed a wreck. I just knew I had been found out. He looked at me and said, “Honey Bunny, I love you so much. How many husbands have their wife of 20 plus years waiting naked in bed for them when they come home after a long day of working in the yard and dealing with elderly parents? You are an Angel a real gift from God!”

    Then he stripped down. I told him he should shower first but then he just buried his head in my bush and ate me out. I had always wanted him to lick me after s** but he never would do it. He’s said it was gross.

    I could not help but think my p**** is filled with the c** from the twins and he is slurping it up. It made me so excited. After a few minutes he looked up and smiled saying, “ Honey Bunny, you are sooo freaking WET. Oh my God you are so freaking WET and you taste soo GOOD”. He then went down again as he was eating me out I the most incredible o*****.

    He then licked my b****** and sucked my nipples which had been covered in their c** as well.

    It was soo AMAZING. After we had s** and he finish inside my p****. I whisper in his ear, “ Sweetheart, you are such a good son to your parents and the best husband a wife could ever ask for.... I will let you do me in the ass if you want”. He looked at me and said “Really after all these years I get to bust in the back door”. I giggled and said, “you earned it. You waited too long”.

    Little did he know the twins had taken my a*** virginity that day. The boys stretched it out some so when Jim entered it felt really nice.

  • OMMFG! Within the span of but a few hours you managed to give your loving (and lucky!!l) husband the a*** s** he'd long desired and long awaited, and shared with him a flavor and aroma that he didn't even know he wanted, but thereafter LONGED for. Have you ever gotten hubby to fully insert himself into the boys' cream when it was filling one or the other of your holes, and then think the massive load was HIS when he pulled out of you, praising you for how much you'd just made HIM c**?? You are an incredible woman and an amazing wife!!!

  • My husband is not aware of my relations with the twins

  • Send me a picture of your sexy ass. Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

  • Jerrybob,

    Why should I send you a pic? I don’t know you.

    How old are you?

    What do you look like?

    How big is your D!ck?

    I’m 50. Is that too old for you. Think you could handle a mature lady?

  • However, one time this summer the boys were here for a movie night and sleep over with my son

    One of the twins filled me up while his brother was upstairs playing PlayStation with my son. When he left I stayed under the covers as the other brother was to be next.

    But my husband walked in. Long story short, I did my wife duty and he f***** me while I was full of c**. I was not wanting my husband. He just was not what I needed. I faked an o***** and he lost his load. Jim then got dressed to go pick up dinner.

    Once he left the other brother was at the door and ready to go. He lost his load fast knowing that he was f****** me right after my husband did his deed.

    I was glad he finished quickly. When I got dressed and went to the kitchen my husband, son and his twin friends were eating pizza.

    I ate pizza at the table with them as the c** from the three of them was oozing out of me and and dripping down my leg.

  • But since school has been in session and the twins are away my s** life has been less fulfilling

    I’ve had to settle for my husbands 8 inch c*** which used to be plenty but is now just not enough to fill me the way I want to be filled. I want my kitty to be stretched not just filled!

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