My uncle David is controlling my life

My uncle is making our full family life a living ** he banned me from using the Internet deleting my YouTube channel with over 50,000 subs,

Now he's forcing our whole family to take the vaccine even after my 93 year old grandmother died after taking the first dose

He's making us all wear two masks in doors we have all our food delivered because he won't allow us to leave the house

He beat my mother up after she watched a David Icke video then she was listening to the Richie Allen Radio Show and he stamped up and down all over it

He's a 5 star chef and he's feeding us bread and butter while he's eating steak

My only last hope is my friend Big Lenny gets to see this and save us otherwise I think ill do something stupid I can't live like this anymore it's driving me insane

Next Confession

Gay priest

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  • Old people still die after taking the vaccine like they'd die of the flu anyway but younger people don't . the survival rate for non oldies is over 90% so I wouldn't worry unless your a bedridden wheezy sickly thing. The rest is a worry! Your Dad needs to be in prison or elsewhere at least but preferably in prison suckin' ** so they dont treat him like he treats his wife. Slurp it Stompy! Slurp it!
    David Icke is evil though exploiting our fears almost as evil as your dad. Masks inside? What a **, its bad enough outdoors!

  • Forget Big Lenny.. he's totally useless. Contact either Joey Two Shoes or Johnny Five Fingers.. they'll 'take care of it' if yous know what I mean ;)

  • Just ** him and enjoy everyday.

  • Sounds like uncle david just needs his ** sat know what to do

  • Contact the police Now!!!!
    You and everyone need help from that person..
    Your in a very bad place get help now!!!!!!

  • Call the Cops

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