I want to kill my stepdad.

He's not even a terrible person, he just annoys me and I really want him to die. He's also really controlling and is a general failure at life. My mother left my father, an intellectual property lawyer making well over $100k/year, for this guy, a welder making $40 in a good year. He's stupid, he makes no money, and he is literally not good for anything but annoying me so I sometimes will just think of ways to kill him because it makes me feel better.


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  • Wow this makes me so happy At least to know that we all hate our step parents. My step father isn't a bad dude everyone says he is a nice guy and I'm sure had he been a family friend or something or I met him on the street id have no issue with him. Being am empathetic person I'm always faking mice and not trying to make him feel bad because he is the biggest p**** ever. But I'm f****** going crazy every day they made me so passive and I'm always walking on eggshells trying not to hurt this RANDOM DUDE's feelings. Now my my mom is the most manipulative c*** ive ever see and I wish my step dad would just f*** her so she would Shut The F*** up but nook when I call a spade a spade its poor me victim how could you be so mean. Fakest people ive ever f****** met. My mom is Christian and my step dad is sooooooo f****** straight edge its f****** drives me mad with their phony niceness and glib peace. Real Christian to stop giving me birthday gifts and support my near homeless 25 yr old mess sister because like I said my family is so f****** cucked. All the woman are right to both my dad's no matter what. My step dad and mom don't even sleep in the same bed I mean what a pathetic cuck. I know some of you had a step dad that was making less money or was an alcoholic but trust me you would still hate your stepfather in reverse. I mean my step father os in IT and makes 6 figures but he is literally a socially retarded straight edge aspie cuck. He the most disgusting person I have ever met with the emotional intelligence of a two year old. Like literally how can my mom f*** that stanky ass r***** with his garlic breath and ball sweat smell and when. He is a hoarder who grew up in a foreign country in a trailer park but is an IT aspie and os the only man dumb enough to marry the only woman who would f*** him a single mom who already had 2 kids actually makes perfect sense.

  • My mom works as clerk my step dad always asks for beer and cigarettes and my mom gets paid like $10 very week

  • I hate mine too. He ruined my life. I dread coming home, it's literally the worst part of my day. He likes the house to be dark, he turns of the mf wifi every night. He triggers me all the time and all he does is criticize and point out stupid s***! god I f****** hate him sm. I wanna rip his ugly eyes out. He used to abuse his old wife and he's been so close to hitting my mom so many times. But hes dragged me out of his room, hit me, thrown stuff at me, pulled my ear so hard ughhh and my mom can't even think for herself or have an opinion bc he dont care. HE LOOKS LIKE A F****** GORILLA WITH HIS FAT *** LOOKING LIKE A PREGNANT MF.He ruined my life and I can't do this anymore. Im 13 and I cant wait until im 18.id rather kms. Hes also always talking ab my dad who passed away when I was 5, like STFU PIG DONT BE TALKING ABOUT THE DEAD. ILL BURN YOU IN H*** DUMB A** B****. someone help me plzzz

  • Call the police that child abuse

  • I f****** hate my stepdad that piece of s*** gave me anxiety and depression because of how much he is full of himself he made me my sister and my mum move to some s***** farm all because he wanted it and my mom acts like she enjoys it but I know her doesn’t and if my mom does something he doesn’t like he will yell at her and me I hope that fat b****** gets what he deserves

  • I hate my f****** step dad so much that I rather kill my self he is such a self centred a****** it isn’t even funny, and some how he convinced my mom to marry him it really p***** me off. Another thing is I can’t be be or they both judge me and they think they’re better people than me. I can’t be me or dress the way I want it just gets on my nerves knowing my real dad is out there somewhere but I can never see him that to the f****** step dad I’m stuck with now. He will never be proud of me and same with my mom they will never be proud of me no matter what I do and while he can do what ever he when she’s not around. One time when I was about 7 or 6 he pulled on my ear and beat me with a hanger for what I think was me not falling asleep before 9 pm. He is still stuck in f****** 90s or 80s he such a p**** it really gets on my nerves what do I do

  • Looking for hitman

  • Even i got a stepfather a year ago....but my story is a little bit different than any of you guys my mom did not divorced with my father....she married with a guy whom did she met via facebook....i dont like that f*****g brat he doest earn he always tries to steal my mom away from me he even kissed in her cheeks in front of me and my brother i hate that motherf***** i pray to god one day he would die a terrible death and i am still trying to break their relationship...

  • Don't do anything to him. Such weaklings are not worth your time and attention. He is only controlling because he knows he has nothing worthwhile to offer. The only time you attack (but not kill him) is if he shows abusive tendencies towards you and your mom. That is when you should resort to either psychologically breaking him or using any public services (police or social services) to get rid of him.

  • I honestly f****** hate my stepdad so much my mum divorced my dad for some stupid reason a few years ago and met this disgusting man a while later. He talks to me like he controls me, and if I don't listen he threatens to take away something of mine like my phone. He always makes up stupid "rules" and he thinks he is the smartest human being alive when all he really is is some braindead f****** chavy old man who sits around watching football like an ape when he's not at work. I hope he smokes one too many cigarettes one day and f****** dies slowly and painfully. He also somehow manipulates my mum to be on his side of the argument always and he never stops complaining, NEVER. Like shut the f*** up one time he got so salty that someone drank his Pepsi that was in the fridge (even though nobody did he probably drank it and forgot like the monkey he is) that he started putting little f****** labels on all the food that he bought in the fridge, cupboards etc. He is the worst human I know personally and that's saying a lot. My life will be so much better when he's in h***.

  • My step dad is so annoying he doesn’t make money and relys on my mo, to give him money. He acts like he likes me but I know he hates me because he never says I love you or show affection. My dad lives 2hrs away and I don’t see him a lot I wish my dad and my mom can get back together. The thing I hate most about my step dad is that he thinks he is my dad like he can tell me what to do and stuff but he’s not I just want to yell in his face and tell him YOUR NOT MY DAD SO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE and to be honest I think he is cheating on my mom but if I told my mom she would be on his side and get mad at her own daughter ever since he came I feel like my mom doesn’t love me and that she only loves her husband I swear I can’t take this anymore!!!!

  • My step dad comes home in a really bad mood everyday and complains about EVERYTHING. Doesn’t want to spend time with his son (my half brother). Today my mom came home to my brother and step dad in a bad mood because his job is so hard which all he does is change light bulbs and walks around which is LITERALLY everyday. My mom makes all the money and works her ass off. Well she got mad and broke things in the kitchen. He comes in and starts cussing at her and yelling and I told him DON’T ! Then he tells me to shut the f*** up that is all you do is run your f****** big mouth. All I was saying was ooooooh oooooh ooooooh . I have dealt with this man for over 12 years and I am DONE. I use to love him but these past two years it’s GONE. I’m about to move out and move in with my boyfriend because of my step dad. My mom won’t like it but I’m not going to make her choice either between him or me. I am 21 so to make everything better I am moving out since everything is apparently my fault.

  • My stepdad name is Kai and he drinks all the time and he annoys the f*** out of me he used to be a hobo like no joke he doesn't work so he is really worth nothing and he is smelly g and steals my mom from me so I have to take care of myself now like a adult would💔

  • I also have to take care of myself like I’m my own mom

  • My mums boyfriends name is kai as well and he's a f****** flog I'll pump his chest with a knife 28 times

  • My stepdad controls us and doesn't make more than 300 a month i hate him sooooo much i got so depressed because of him i i want to put acid in his drink or like meth or anything

  • I hate my step-dad I have dreams were I slash his neck kill him in his sleep shoot him stab him uses his medication to make him overdose or kill my self

  • I feel you! I have the same thoughts about my stepdad

  • Yea me too. my mom’s husband is the worst. i mean he didn’t even have a job. he didn’t pay for his kids needs (like school, etcetc) well there’s no problem in the first several month of their marriage. (it is when i was in the 3rd grade of junior high school) until my mom just can’t help it, she couldn’t keep it to herself so she told me, she confess that her husband didn’t pay for our needs anymore. i mean, my siblings and i (and my mom ofc) seems have no problem if he don’t want to pay our needs, pay my mom’s kid school needs, its okay. but he stop paying for his kids too!(well since he joined us living in our family house n literally brought his two daughters n a son while me n my siblings r 4siblings) and i swear he didn’t even feel guilty, he didn’t even try say sorry n explain things and act like nothing happened. me n my mom (i think she never told my siblings so its only me n my mom) trying to understand his situation, trying to forgive him but he is f annoying asf (english is not my first language so i don’t know how to explain itttt😂) its really annoy me that it actually changed my mom from a happy person to really-hmm like sad ??? idk how to explain it but he frustrates my mom. and to me i think its not how a healthy relationship supposed to be

  • I don’t like his kids too. there’s no problem with his son bcs he didn’t do s*** to me. but i don’t like his daughters. his daughter should realize that our economy is not really stable n stop asking my mom to buy her expensive s***, like an iphone (iphone is not a cheap thing in our country ok. and she asked it not bcs she likes it, its bcs she wants to look cool in society????) well i feel bad at first bcs everytime she asked her dad, her dad just ignored her while he is supposed to explain things so her daughter could understand. but he didn’t so she keep asking to my mom. its annoying bcs i think its just....... didn’t feel right ??? i think its inappropriate to ask expensive things to my mom while u still hv a living parent ??? my mom is busy n exhausted working for me n my siblings needs.

  • I told my mom to divorce him (i told her in their 2 years marriage) and my mom says she will. but she didn’t do it until now. i just don’t know why. i can’t help it anymore n i starting to say s*** to him (well sorry i just can’t hold my anger) he noticed that i hate him, i don’t like him. but instead of doing something usefull n make everything better, he shout at me back. i was like what the f u f-ing old bald s*** u live in our house n u dare to say s*** to me ??????? i feel more bad at home (i shouldn’t feel bad at home when its actually our home). i always have those negative vibes here.

  • Can someone find a merch that sells cheap guns so i can kill my stepdad

  • I hate mine so god dam much but iam not thinking of killing him cuz sometimes he is better way better than my stupid ass b**** momthat i fking hate her so much

  • I just hate my step dad and I have any reason to hate him, he's just annoys me and I feel very anxious next to him, I dunno why I feel so terrible next to him, everything that he does makes me sick and I kind of hate myself for not knowing what the h*** is wrong with me for hating a person that isn't actually bad, I just don't feel comfortable next to him! asf

  • I also face the same problem . I don't have any reason to hate my stepdad but he annoys me . I am an Indian and my stepdad's name is Abhijit mishra . He talks to me very well but when I make any decision of my life like one day I decided that i wanna do HM he said he won't let me do it . When I asked the reason he said he want me to study law and become an advocate. It's my life !! He is no one to make my decision. I f*****g hate him ..

  • I am 19 years old man i lived whit idiot mother and stepdad they are married both are not bad person step dad is good whit cars and mom is good in working but what she does not se is that he ses her us a tool not a person and he se her like a tool books and me well he is idiot that its like if you not interested in cars or fishing i aint trying to have a contect whit you and i will look at you like idiot s*** thats 1 problem secon is that he thinks just couse his older he knows everything about me and world bu in realaty he is just an idiot fool that only caress about him self and my mother well she is only the retarded idiot that cant se thruth becouse only thinks she ses is her so called idiot love bullshit so she is blinded by it well last think what most hurts is that no matter what i do step dad always say thinks like you never make it you cant do it witch does not help at all for me

  • Bro you’re grammer is off

  • Same here

  • I am 15 years old and I really hate my step dad it has gotten to where I wanted the f***** dead

  • And this b**** talk s*** bout my dad like s*** the f*** up you ain't s*** I hope he rots in h***

  • Same

  • My mom just got married a few years ago and there was this big wedding there was a bunch of people there but five years later he treats me like s*** he grabs me by the neck and trys to kill me and on top of that he yells at me he said he doesn't hate me but that is a bull s*** he hates me this n**** wasn't there for his kids and s*** but today I shot a bird at him because he p**** me off if I had the chance to kill him trust me I would he is a wast of life on this damn earth

  • You should report that to the police. For child abuse

  • Dude you have no idea how mutch i want to make my step father suffer he is full of s*** only thinking that his a best and s***

  • Can I shoot my stepdad plz


    Holy s***

  • And they all hate their stepdad.

  • Ok so I hate my step dad so much. He tries to be my dad and it sucks. He is lazy and doesn't do s***. I am thirteen so I cant just leave. He is always like I don't want to be your dad who died because of alcohol. Like honestly stfu don't talk about my dad u b****. He is always saying to my mom," Don't make Michael food (my real brother)" Then ten min later he is asking my mom when dinner will be ready. Today he kicked me out of my room because I closed my door too loudly and it would wake up my step sister. ITS 11;00 AM WTF she has been sleeping for 13 hours. I HOPE SHE DIED IN HER SLEEP. He is just a selfish b**** and no one likes him. My mom is his third wife and I just need help. How do I make him hate me as much as I hate him?

  • Well mate try to open mothers eyes like i try only later when she break up whit my step dad she came back to him like the b**** she promested me never come back well and her i am sitting in whit that retarded step dad again

  • I also have a problem like this, Iam 13 too. My stepdad have a son that he still thinks its his precious dear baby even thought he is 9. He somehow hypnotized my mom to be on his side and annoys me 24/7. I feel like killing him most of the times. I was always depressed I cry and he thinks Im too old to cry and he tells everybody else I still cry and he is such a stupid

  • Get the bigest butcher knief in ur house wait till he goes to sleep then stab him the eyes the pour rubbing alachol down his throught

  • I love you and people like you

  • My step dad abuses me and i want to kill him any advice?
    plus my dad hits my mother and grows drugs in the garden.

  • Dude, your stepdad needs a bullet in between his eyes. Or a knife in his throat. Or both. >= )

  • Call 911

  • Call the cops kiddo

  • Cut him multiple time then cut lemons I. Half and rub them on his skin

  • Call the police and tell then about his garden

  • *them

  • I hate my stepdad also. My sisters seem to like him, but I am not a fan. He likes to make jokes that the average teenager would be upset about. I am 13, and he made fun of my weight in front of his friends. My mother gave him this look, and made him apologize. But the thing is, he didn't apologize, he decided to come up with some bullshit story to cover up the insult. I hate him so much and he acts like he can control everything I do. He is nothing like my father. My dad is going away to Bahrain for a year, (work) and guess what that means? An ENTIRE SUMMER with my stupid ass stepdad. Him and my mom have a on off relationship and he always tells my sister "I'm going to leave this place and you aren't coming." My sister is 7 and she loves him so much. She cried for days. Guess what? I visit my dad for a week and come back hoping he's gone. We lived in Hawaii previously, and he said before we left for the week, "I'm going back to Hawaii." I responded with "Bye; Have fun." Then he says, "You are a very selfish person Emily, you should change that." That triggered me so bad.
    In my mind I automatically thought, 'How is it that I am the selfish one, when you are here moving, leaving my mother in tears, not giving a s*** about how I feel, and you can call me selfish?' He is the biggest j*** I have ever met. I hope he leaves, and he also loves to tell me to mind my own business, like how about you mind your own business and get out of my life.

  • Drown him in salt water

  • My feel like my stepdad is a pervert and he's always touching my mom and it makes me uncomfortable. he also stands REALLY REALLY close to me and stares at me. it's weird. he ask is like 23 years older than my mom which is not really like idk ok. he is so annoying. he is a 70 year old that's thinks he is tough and what's the weirdest is he thinks he is 20. I could go on and on and on about how much I hate him but yea. I hate him so much

  • Same , I wish i never had a stepdad to ruin my life

  • Same he ruined my life so bad i want him to die and also i hate my mom

  • Same mine does the same I wish he'd go die in a fire f****** c****.

  • I know how you fell, my stepdad turns off wifi.

  • I want to kill my step Dad.

  • I want to kill my so called stepdad too, this f***** guy got my mother pregnant and the thing that I hate the most is that my mother even told me that she and her boyfriend won't have any s**. But next thing you know about a week after my mother tells me that she's pregnant. I'm like in my mind f*** you and your boyfriend, you don't have to get pregnant just to show that you love each other. This guy even have children belonging to another woman and this f***** thinks he can just come into my life and get my mother pregnant. Well I guess its my mother's life and she can do whatever she pleases with it, but for me I want no part of it. And that baby that she has is not my brother, I don't care of the law or people say that its my brother. But its not, right now just thinking about all of this makes me hate my mother and biological father. Like what's the point of them having me if they are going to break up and go there separate ways. F*** all of them and the most thing that I f****** regret is remembering about them.

  • Mine is an a****** who has tried to kill my dogs who have lived her longer and causes many problems and even beats my mom i want to f****** kill him and slash him open with a cold f****** blade it would satisfy me to see him suffer

  • Kill him. Better yet get a knife and threaten him that'll scare him. And if he messes with u, kill him and and stab his eyes out, set him on fire that way he dies slowly and feels the pain longer. If u do kill him, don't feel guilty, he deserves it he beats ur mom, kill him kill him kill him. After all he is the bad guy, and when u kill him, there will be nothing but a smile on ur face. If u go to jail, f*** it, as long as he's dead u should be happy and be proud of yourself.

  • 21 years old here. My life has been nothing short of a f****** nightmare with this guy. Ever since my OWN dad took his life (When I was only 10), my mom couldn't have found a shittier human being to "replace" him. The f***** never even graduated, doesn't work, doesn't pay any of the bills, but apparently he's such an enlightened individual that anything and everyone is beneath him. F****** p****. For 11 f****** years this guy has been hanging around like a bad smell. He's had 4 kids with my mom! And he uses them as leverage whenever my mom finds the sense to try to get rid of him. Manipulative hypocritical douchebag. And, I dunno, I do love my half-brothers, but they really suffer from the amount of stupidity they've inherited from their dumb-ass father. Every time he tries to get on my ass about something I just want to call him on all of his s*** and tell him to gtfo, but I know my mom would take his side if it was the wrong time. Honestly, the only reason he's still here is because of me, convincing my mom to let him stay for the boys' sake. Either that, or because I was too much of a p**** to kill him myself. He's a f****** psycho as well - pouts like a little child when he doesn't get his way, I've even seen that f***** CRY like a B****! And he abuses his poor sons, calling it "discipline". I just wish someone would come along, anyone, for any reason, and end his miserable existence. I would be smiling for WEEKS.

  • Hire an assassin. No matter how much he charges you, hire a G******** assassin and have him burn your stepdad until the only thing left of him is a pile of smoking ashes.

  • He turned off my wifi now im angry

  • Lololololol I don't think turning the wifi off compares with abuse and drug farming

  • I know how you feel. I find my own stepdad annoying, but my relatives seem to like him and I'm just like how??? He's always telling me that I'm stubborn when he's more stubborn than me. Like I show evidence that I'm correct in an argument, and he would be all: you're wrong because it didn't go his way. He's always all up in my business and he's controlling. He always complains that I'm moody, but can't he tell that I don't to be bothered???

  • He is going to die even if you didnt say that

  • I want to kill my stepdad he is horrible he is trying to take the place of my dad and he is a cheif but he is so mean annoying and he makes me sad

  • My stepdad is tge biggest c*** I've ever met he automatically includes me in s*** that he plans with my mum without my asking me if i wanna be a part of the s*** and if i say no he tells ke to f*** off out of my mums house and i wanna have him killed i have never trusted him or cared for him or liked him he has walked out on my mum several times due to not getting his only way he's also threattens myself and my brothers with jail and exposure to the world because he is a big fat lazy mother f****** paedophiles c*** he also interferes while I'm txting my girlfriend he hasnt got kida of his own regardless he continues to f*** our lives up like yhe big fat c*** that he is

  • Do weights and the rowing machine for 3 months and intimidate him

  • You know sometimes there's more to a person then just what he makes a year when you are going to marry them mabie your " intellectual and wealthy father" wasn't all she wanted you guys are all spoiled brats I have a step father who's an a** too but I dont try to either kill myself or him and I also dont hate my mother for wanting someone who shes actually happy with. Instead of thinking all about yourselves (save the handful with true concerns about your bio parent as well) think about them you want your mother to live and marry someone she doesn't like for years so you can be comfortable when you get too move out eventually she doesn't. You all need a therapist good news is you could probably get a good group rate.

  • Self obsessed c***

  • Can you just please SHUT UP?

  • Shut the f*** up you irrelevant t***

  • T. w. a. t

  • My soon to be stepfather sells propane tanks in a Third World country and he regularly beats my mom and me. Can you get worse than that? Because I don't f****** think so so f****** man up you sack of s***!

  • F*** you.

  • My f****** dad thinks he tough because hes and alcoholic d*******
    today I moaned about bo3 he comes up thinking im going to be scared he grabs MY tv and tries to throw it threw the window btw im 13 hes 45 he came up punched me I got straight back up pushed him into my wall went downstairs got a knife stabbed him now hes dead im spitting on him right now kicking him in his head am I sychotic because my dead friend is with me aswel im going to commit suicide to night good bye

  • Holy s***

  • Sweet


  • Fuckdapolicenigga

  • Suck my ass

  • That's what my always says but after that she says b****h

  • That's what my always says but after that she says b****

  • I know how you feel, the guy living with us isn't even in a relationship with my mom he's just a dumb bum living with us. I hate him and he hates us, and I wander why doesn't he just leave, oh that's right cause he is a low life living off my mom cause he can't keep a job, all e does is make our family fight.

  • Im 13, and can live with my dad if i want to. if it wasnt for my two younger siblings, i wouldve moved out of this hole in every wall freaking piece of s*** house and lived with my dad. seriously every single wall has a hole punched in it by my step dad. He thinks he is so freaking tough and gets up in my face when i say i want to live with my dad all the time. He punched and broke a coffee maker because nobody made cofee. He dented my mom's car because he claims she punched his piece of metal s*** that he bought from some guy for $1k off the road. My step dad, even KICKED IN our FRONT DOOR because he thought my mom locked him outside. He is definetely not as smart as he is... nvm... he sucks in all fields... Little piece of f****** monkey tree climber piece of s***. I cant stand him. - Jerald Smith

  • You sound like a pretty smart fellow. Be strong young man, you'll get through it.

  • Dude same my dad made a good profit and then she married this fricken stupid tree climbing baboon who didnt even finish high school. He is an absolute j*** and my mom knows it but wont file for divorce... i literally just looked this up because he got mad at me for no reason at all.

  • I hate my step dad.
    He's Mexican.
    You know how Mexican step dads can be.
    He thinks he's so tough because he went to the gym for 2 months.
    When I was little, he would beat me, and my mom.
    And I hated me.
    I had my past FIVE phones taken away by him because I "disrespected" him.
    And I can never have one moment of peace because of him.
    I even contemplated suicide so I wouldn't have to see his stupid face.
    Three days ago, I almost grabbed a KNIFE because he was taking something from my room because I told him to shut up and leave me alone, right before my mom told me to go get something.
    I hate the a****** and hope he dies a slow and painful death.
    By MY hand.

  • F****** Mexican dog needs to claimb back over the wall

  • Shut the f*** up

  • It doesn't matter what race he is. Although I do understand where your coming from. Mexican men or heads of households can be very "Tough" or strict for that matter, so I understand you there. Although don't let race be a factor in this considering we are all human and capable of making the same mistakes.

  • You need to shut up a****** my sister married a mexican and before she married him she had a daughter from her first husband and this man she married now they have two kids together and he treats my neice his stepdaughter nice and so shut up

  • I feel you my step dad can be fun bit when I'm talking to my mom he has to bit in and fell me what's RONG or right and all my mom cars about is have s** with my stepdad so she does not even pay attention to me
    my step dad just runnids my life I hate him

  • He's a m************ a****** son of a b**** a** m************ I f****** hate him.

  • I know right

  • Aunties and uncles can be very handy in this situation. They probably don't like him either, people notice stuff. Tell them how you feel and if you need to ask them to help you, until you are old enough to move out.

  • Very true not even my real dude understood or cared. Seems like the only one who took time to listen and understand was my uncle bless his soul.

  • (This can apply to step families in general too.) A stepfather is someone who wishes you weren't around. They are supposed to be a*******, and if you have one that treats you like his own child then you are very lucky, but unfortunately in a minority. This is so true that there are fairy tales from hundreds of years ago about cruel stepmothers and stepfathers who torture and kill their stepchildren. When a lion kills a rival and takes over the harem of lionesses, he kills all the cubs of the other lion. Humans are more civilized than that, but not much.
    You are just an inconvenience, you need to watch your back, and understand that you will never have that loving family with an a****** stepdad around and that is how it is. He will be unkind, he may never buy you a present, mine never did. Trust me kids, I've had a stepfather since when I was 15 and it sucks, it never gets better. I am old now and understand that it just sucks. Your mom will act like everything is normal, but she has got two people who love her, and it's the kid who gets it the worst.
    The good news is you will grow up and be able to move away from the situation. Then it will get better, just hold out and watch your back,make friends with other adults who do care about you so that you know when he is being unkind to you,so that you know the difference. Tell your mom how you feel, she won't listen, but tell her anyway. If she doesn't want to listen, tell another adult.

  • Mine crushes my dreams and hates me and I'm only 9 so could you stop cursing

  • Its just like his dad is a little pain inside butt and I just want to kill him

  • Same!!! except my stepdad has ambition and money.

  • My step-dad abused me physically, emotionally and verbally as a child. I made many efforts to bond with him but realized at the age of 9 that he was a lost cause. He is a tyrannical alcoholic and a soulless and bitter old man.

    I have a personality disorder that is not even indexed because I'm so f***** up. I'm on medication for depression so I don't hang myself from a ceiling fan.

    I'm continually worried that if I don't go on a serial killing spree or if I don't murder him as an outlet for years of repressed hatred, I'll go from a fractured mind to a broken mind and end up in a padded cell with a straitjacket.

    My life is quite literally the rare occasion where murder would actually be the decent thing to do, but sadly we live in a world that's black and white.

    You think you got it bad just because he "annoys" you?! You f****** sicken me! It's people like you who make me lose faith in humanity.

    I'm supposed to be the same f****** species as you?!
    You're f****** pathetic!

    And if you think I'm bad, there are people out there who got it far worse! Some kids have been moved by protective services because their REAL parents were a*******!

    If your step-father makes your mother happy then that's all that matters. In my case, the sack of s*** I live with makes EVERYONE miserable! Even his own children!

    Seriously, step back and see the big picture before you f*** up other people's lives for your own selfish desires.

    And to think I came on here to find human beings to call my brothers and sisters, fellow souls who share my pain, someone who I could relate to and someone who could f****** help me get rid of the f****** cancerous plague-rat that lives in my f****** house; instead I found you.

  • Hypocrite.

  • Looks like someone forgot to take their medication.

  • My stepdad just crushed my chips and boxed my ears

  • Mystep dad thinks is a 63 year old with diabetes,can't see and shake sall the time and is short and skinny, I am an 18 year old 350 pounds and he thinks he can fight me and push me around he, calls me names, and says I'm fat and lazy and should end my life and when something is dirty he says how can you walk by something like this and leave it and is always telling my mom how worthless she is and how stupid she is for giving birth to me, if it wasn't for my future career in Law Enforcement he would be dead.

  • Some times my stepfather shouts at me 4 nothing!!!!!!! I hate that guy!!!!!! he loves my mum very much. he treats me like his own daughter and sometimes I have tried to comit suicide by stabbing myself with a knife. I tried jumping off a hotel balcony but I was caught by my mum. I would to anything to get mystep dad
    out of my life.

  • I totally agree I want to rip his face of and burn it on the steak and feed his body to his b***** dog!!! F**k him the fat arsed s**t!

  • I hate him so much! I seriously hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's always grumpy with me and I just want to kill him. sometimes he asks me if I want to go for a ride in the car with him, I always say no in case he is just trying to kill me by crashing the car on purpose. :((((

  • I will never understand how step-satans could ever be the most pussyfied dirty M************ on the planet... dudes I mean no one could ever be so FAKE, like acting like a saint around my family. . he he is killing me with the level of retardation he could bring to existence! ..you guys understand? HE IS A PARASITE!!! hopefully we'll be out of this tea house before we end another precious year with this mutant.. I just can't wait to wake up in a beautiful morning and not worry about hearing or seing this clown.. he won't exist in my life anymore hahaha!!! oh glory on the road! that will be a fantasy come true xD.

  • Now this m*********** totaly discusting , not just annoying alone but discusting to the core of nasty, no wonder hes got this tiny f****** house rusty on every corner... and doesent try to keep any self hygiene.. ewww wtfffffff kill yourself u ugly nasty pig...THIS GUY STAYS IN THIS TINY LITTLE TEAHOUSE 24/7 F***** MY MOM DIDNT FIND YOU TO LIVE IN THE HOUSE OF STNK with the worlds most self-centered man-child in his 50s

  • Now to get my anger and mind de-tached from from this Dog/human is by playing loud music so I dont have to hear his arguments moaning and complaining about all things that comes to his peanut sized brain.. hey what can you expect from a middle-aged or old diabetic inferior-complex manchild.. I mean sometimes I pity the scum, but then im confused to how he becomes an a****** when so defeated he braggs and and tries find higher ground over ANYONE but i seen the poor scum cry like a weeping child. HE! A poor child within a 60 year olds body. the only thing that is his tool of selfpride is his big elephant sized lips that flap open and closed for extended periods of time. VERY INTERESTING he can talk and complain far beyond more than a pregnant women on her period ever could, but if I were to label this doubtful and fearful man 'pessimistic' it would be impossible to do such because everyone is to P u s s y to step up. I believe this man has been a very good Dog , he's afraid I'll kill him or kick hiss ass from recent scaring tactics i used to shake him up and become afraid of me, i pity this excuse of life. These scum STEP-F****** are lesser men, inferior, Good Pets :), sub-human. they are Jokes, haha this dog/human is so afraid of me like the little P**** he is. What a waste of life.

  • Good s*** let these mf burn

  • He is only alive because it is against the law to kill him..i remember when my mom SAVED this scum from being a suicidal slug in his junk yard of a house. She cleaned the basterd because he was a child within a mans body. I did'nt see it in him at the time i was 10, but that basterd moved in MY FAMILY'S HOUSE AN STARTED F****** MY MOM. he soon began giving rules an regulations to my older siblings and me.....la lala | Hey you should appreciate that you have a father | NO MOTHER F***** HE'S my STEP-SHITOFAFATHER , 1 example he wore Discusting worn coat an jeans to the wedding so u know he has less sense than a camo wearing redneck....Ugh were trying to move out and dont think i can hold myself from killing him .. mom better find a house faster so we can GO! p.s. life is much easier and better when HE is not around. p.s. Too the kids out there that just started your 10 long years of toture and abuse im sorry but hold it down and keep your mental distance away from that fucktard. ...... im getting closer to the light at the end of this tunnel. #STEP-SATANS #RETURNTOHELL

  • I am 13 and I have a step dad and he calls me names swears at me and talks to me like he is a superior person, he is loaded with tones of crap. I want to stick a knife into him and let him die slowly

  • I am 13 AND MY MOM AS RUINED MY LIFE! she let this stupid mother f***** in our house!! HOW COULD SHE LEAVING MY DAD WAS ONE THING AND THEN BRINGING THIS STINKY J*** IN WAS ANOTHER! he calls me names and says i should never have been born WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS! i want to grab his own pocket knife and stab him and watch him die a slow painful death

  • Same here

  • I'm 15 and cant't move out. my dad doesn't have custody over me. My stepfather is f****** Satan incarnate. A****** thinks he owns every f****** thing because he pays a couple bills. I work hard to get B's and A's at school. His son is failure at school and yet he still says that i have to do better. He complains that my mom doesn't do s*** to help she is the sweetest person ever and deserves much better than this piece of s***. A-hole b****** about everything that doesn't go his way. when he sees a fingerprint on the fridge he has a s***-fit. God i want to strangle him sometimes. he feels he can talk s*** about our s****-ups and yet gets butthurt when we talk about him. once he is mentioned he goes on the defensive and finds SOMETHING to blame us for.

    My stepfathers son is failing math, but he don't even care. He screams at me, and tore my books in half

  • Update: life still sucks at this house. my dad is moving to a new house and i may move in with him. Life may get better if you are patient.

  • My step-Satan wasn't even at the hospital durning my stepbrother's birth, he was at home playing xbox. He treats me like a f****** animal instead of a human being. He just made a self harm *joke*(if the fat f****** b****** can call it that) about me when I told my 3 yr old brother to stop hitting himself in the head with a foam bat. Anything that goes wrong is my fault. He doesn't ground me, he doesn't yell. He threatens me through gritted teeth while choke slamming me onto my ass and kicks me while I'm down. He is the reason I lost it. I was being bullied in school, grades dropping and the fucktard decided to insert his two cents. I got depressed, started self harming and I feel like it's starting all over again. He points out every one of my flaws and drives me insane. I'm going to get a gun, and one of us will have to go.

  • I have a stepfather that is exactly this way but don't know what to do instead of just getting a gun


  • You are all f***** spoiled brats. Grow up, resentful troublemakers!

  • Shut your f****** ass up

  • Up yours f***-face, you belong in the infinite abyss underneath the deepest pits of Hades. Even Hitler isn't down that far!

    You have no place here among the spiteful, take your comments elsewhere before the Army of the Damned forcibly removes your spine through your a*** cavity.

  • Shut the f*** up you are a step dad who does s*** all and tells his step kids what to do because he has no life kill yourself by slitting your fist then shoving your fist in your ass then shove your arm down your throat and gag to death on your s***** blood b****

  • Dude stfu stpdads are trouble and u might b one so the f*** u got to say u ugly mutheerfucker

  • Resentful troublemakers?! Some people obviously go through way worse than you do. If anybody is spoiled it is you! Not everybody has a perfect stepfather.

  • Right i islike mines alot peice of s***.

  • If you are under age 13, obtain a firearm by whatever means. Stay up all night and wake them up at 4am. Say nothing, blast them. Call 911, turn yourself in.
    You will go through about a year of frustrating legal crap. Court, evaluations, half-way house, etc..
    Sometime around or before your 18th birthday all *should* return to normal. Better then normal, actually, because your malevolent step-father is dead. F****** dead.
    This is what I did 16 years ago. I am now a college grad with a hot wife way out of my league. I'm sincerely glad he's dead.

    He beat me down psychologically, calling me everything but my name. He abused my mother in ways I will not mention. Like most step-dads, he was a mutant r***** abusive a******.
    And I grabbed a 22 caliber Marlin semi-auto long rifle and unloaded exactly 6 rounds into his skull. GLORY!

  • And you then decided to reduce yourself to his level to get back at him instead of calling the police for abuse and then you give this advice to others to put a bunch of murderers into the world. Hmmm you know think I'd prefer abusers than murders kinda the leases of the two evils idiot

  • This is probably a little late, but I feel you.
    I hate my stepdad with so much passion, it's unbelievable. I used to live with my mother, my sister, my brother, and that good for nothing t***. However, my brother and sister moved out, because they hate him so much. Unfortunately, being only 15, I can't.
    I hate that drunken yob so f****** much. Like yours, my father earned loads. We had a huge house, he had a great job, and everything was great. Until my mum left my dad, and we were living in some tiny little house. One morning, that P*** HEAD was in my mother's bed; They had probably been seeing each other.
    Anyway, he earns F****** NOTHING. He acts as if he's some sort of f****** genius, he calls himself my "elder".

  • Why not move in with your dad? It would probably be way better than living with an a****** like that!

  • This is what it is like in my house nearly every day

  • Post a picture so i know who to punch.

  • Hi I am fat

  • Im not the type to wish misfortune.but that m*********** deservers his very own b**** to be shoved down his throat an skinned alive an put in a f****** oven with hot sauce...thats how much i hate him.

  • Why do stepdads have to be old mentally ill crusty punks with 3 or 4 bum ass kids...like mines couldnt get any worser..everyday he talks talks talks talks talks talks talks talks talks talks talks AND WONT SHUT THE F*** UP!! PLEASE SOMEONE RELATE TO ME ON THIS...AND WHY DO OUR MOMS TRY TO F****** SILENCE US LIKE THERES NO F****** PROBLEM..I LOVE MY MOM BUT B**** U CAN LIVE WITH THAT OLD COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERY F****** THING OLD CRUSTY ASS DIRTY LITERALLY OLD C********* OLD ASS MMAN. BYE BIUTCH!!

  • OMFG I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, CAN'T THEY JUST SHUT UP?? Like their voice is so irritating! and seriously, my stepfather starts singing, and I can hear him and is so f****** annoying...UGH or he would start talking on the phone so loudly!! So F***** ANNOYING!!!

  • I FEEL YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! My stepdad has been in my life for over 10 years but I HATE THAT B**** and my mom has stated taking his side recently. WHAT THE F***?!?!?!?

  • Man I feel you my step father does the same thing and my mom just made me disown her and he has done everything in his power to make me fail just because I'm not his kid and he lies about it I could have been in college doin what I wanted and living my dreams but he sabotaged all of that and he ruined my highschool life and I will Kill him one of these days I promise

  • My dumbass step-dad has a f****** mental disorder and thinks hes f****** special because his ex is a b****, so on occasion he will just get mad over absolutely nothing because he is a f****** spastic.

  • I just want to return to my family and blood, but this f*** has to seperate us all....plus i dont want to bring a girl home an for her to think thats my real father...my family looks 10x better than those ugly pig suds..i will fight until you are removed from my life..And to completely think you could make me happy by buying me fat snacked foods but all i really want is too be with my blood family again theres nothing to enjoy with you just sitting in a chair for hours staring at a tv screen..please leave u f***!! i feel discussted living in the same place that is not my home! curse you a thousand for the pain of seperating me from the people I love to live with your crusty vile old s***.But one day i will be reunited with my family again just blood that i love.

  • This man has separated me from my family too. Be patient and in time things should get better. If they don't, violence should not be a last resort. If he continues to be an A-hole for longer than a couple months, then consider moving in with those relatives or other family that you miss. I already try to do this and get away from him by going to my grandmas and my brother's house. Another thing you could do is go to the park, a gym, a library, etc.

  • Ugh!! im with all of you plus our mothers do same yes.I cant take it anymore just when will this fat old ugly f*** just wont SHUT THE F*** UP!! HE TALKS MORE THAN HIS ILITERATE ASS CAN THINK.I cant get any peace im truly happy when hes not around u kno free to do whatever.but he comes home an EVERYTHING JUST DROPS! for f**** sake stop f****** breathin please poor basterd.imagaine sitting in your room an hearing this loud elephant mouth fat ass complain an speak on the phone f****** 24/7 365!! i dont wish death upon people no but u kno the situation.having to wait til im 18 i just turned 16.i love my mom but he speaks to her more than I an its the same cycle.but f*** could his health just fail a bit please just die drop f*** disappear

  • We are the same person right now

  • I f****** hate my stepdad I had to move from ct to ga because of this guy I have very little friends now. hes always talking to me like im nothing and taking my ps3 away for no reason. I have sisters that are his and my moms but they get the special treatment the most thing he'll to to them when they get in trouble is yell. And then the worst thing is My MOM ALWAYS SIDES WITH HIM

  • So you hate him because he takes a game console. Wow get a frickin hobby then

  • Okay right now I'm calm and light on anger so here's my story.I've never met my real dad he left when I was a baby.Growing up as a kid I lived a happy and exploratory life I love my family an at that time my older brother and sister lived with our mom.We were just a normal family we were united and happy.My Grandfather was the only real father figure in my life he was like a friend and a father altogether he passed in 2011 at 62 or 63 before his birthday.At the age btwn 8-10 my mom me this old man 50+ came into my life, at the beginning he seemed like a kind funny old man with a southern/slang accent an dont get me wrong I thought him to be a good man.We've visited his old house to see how it was hoarded with trash an useless worksmen tools placed everywhere an theres no work to be done.Within some weeks he dicides to move his dirty smelly crusty ass into our little pleasant home(this is where it all started).One nigt I saw came into my mothers room only to find his fat diabetic old ass cowerdly humping my beautiful 30+ mom and I did not like that very much that dog touching my mother neither my brother or sister.So a year later he marries my mom(2006).On the wedding day my mom wears a faboulous white wedding dress and I find this f*** to wearing what he met my mom in a unwashed aged brown dirty coat an same pants and baceball a cap to cover his ball headed ass (he's not homeless he only gets penchins from working at GM an retire around age 40).So after awhie he gets to comfortable in my moms house, ooups his bug ugly fat hoodrat daughter(my d*** doesent even think to touch that rat)stays over an is a nosey Ms.B**** b**** eats all our food leaves in an out the house like it a permanent hotel an is just unpleaseant no sense of common house-guest training.His adult children have no finished education theyre all lazy bums with no interest of higher ground in life an they no place to live.He's like a annoying rock in my shoe when romoved im happy and can heal in silence

  • THAT man [more like major A-hole of the SS-Douchebag] has only caused me pain, and sadness and VERY minimal joy if any at all. All I want is be at peace here at this new house. going with my other family members and getting away from him is the only escape I have.

  • I cant be happy anymore.

  • God my stupid stepdads the same just because hes ateacher he thinks he knows EVERYTHING die stupid man

  • Abolutely couldn't f****** see your point any more even had you acted it out for me. I have been a stepson of a guy named Brad since I was twelve in 03'. Im now old enough to move out but I dont have the money. My real Dad is the polar opposite of my stepdad. My real Dad hates religion and crutches, is a self made man who lives in california and has worked hard his whole life and is confident. My stepdad, brad is weak , shy , pathetic and a f****** loser. Him and my mom are jesus nut freaks. They speak, eat and s*** jesus. Every other wors out of their mouths is jesus, if your lucky! They treat me and my younger brother like kids even though were both grown men. Hes a redneck has no kids, a dockworker and a straight up f****** dirtbag. Hes the biggest b**** ive ever met and he cant hes annoying. He cant see worth s*** he has two cataracts and a third forming at 50. He has no hair and the ugliest teeth ever. Ive seen zombies that look more alive then him. He cant hear my mom even though shes standing 1 ft away from him and his ears are bigger than dumbos. Hes stupid as h*** has a ged and drives a forklift for a living at 50 and thats all he want to do. H*** ive seen rocks smarter than him. Next hes always up in my busniess because my mom also is a loser and has harly worked the past 16 years but rather milked my dads child support and pinched off boyfriends.But she raised me and I give her credit till she shacked up with that scoundrel. She deserves better why? Because one shes my mom but two I Am Not f****** getting stuck taking care of her when he cant no more. Sorry about the long rant. I feel like I could write a book for the years though. Stay strong and dont do anything you would regret because step parents arent worth it. Just find a hobby or a decent or good job when your old enough and hit the door thats what im plannong on doing at the end of this month.

  • Go and move in with your dad... I would never be able to live in there if I was you, try to contact your dad or something!!

  • This b****** doesn't even have the right to be called a father/dad. This piece of s*** entered my life when I was 4-5 years old, I heard he got divorced (I can see exactly why some b**** would cheat on a worthless piece of s*** like you). The idiot claims he's run a restaurant before but all he makes is tasteless crap, honestly quit wasting everything we have!! Just because you've got my mother pregnant doesn't been you can b**** around about her, what makes you think you have the right act as if you know everything? He purposefully smokes inside the house just to make me get out of the house, I've ran out 1 am in the morning to avoid that b***** smell, I feel disgusted having to breathe the air as him!!!! And it isn't even your f****** house!!! WTF!!!
    I've gone through all this s*** for the past 12 years, I can't wait to get the f*** out of this dump. I can't my mum is dumb enough to keep him here, he doesn't do s*** and just complain about random s*** 24/7 365!!!! If you don't like it here then GTFO!!!! Die already!!! And take your b****** son with you that good for nothing!!! You've been nothing but a curse since you've entered my life!!! Always comparing me with the load of s*** that can't even count backwards, shutting himself in a room playing video games every f****** day. It's because of your f****** attitude that wrecked our lives. This b****** speeds when ever he's driving us out somewhere as if trying to kill us, It's people like you that f***** up the world!!!! He thinks I don't know that he complains about me to my mum behind my back!!! If you ever need help from me you would regret ever stuffing up my life. I'm glad I'm not a son to a ridiculous piece of s*** that looks like a deaf ape that's dragging his ass around the globe. Do us all a favour and kill yourself!!! Quit polluting the air!!!!

  • That is the same as my step dad he smokes drinks and he smashed my mums 40000 dollar car for god sacks

  • Omg! same! i got this basterd of a step dad! he makes me cry and beg god to just let my mum and step dad get a divorce! i am not going to lie, but my mum was the best till she married him she is 40+ and he is around 30 apparently, but his an illegal immigrant and he was applying for a job which his age was 22 like omg! i want my mum to divorce him but she is too insecure i think she is afraid of dieing alone but in my religion it is a practice for the sons to live with there pearents till death :O! which i would love! but then my step-dad he f**** it all up! i am so scared if she gets pregnant with a baby. then i know its all over. suicide is for me. i dont know what to do. whats the right thing? i cant hold this in me anymore i told my mum i begged her to divorce him but she just wont! you see i been a mummys boy all my life till he came and took her away and when she hugs me he gets jealous. but my mum gets happy? i think she likes the attention but idk. he looks for tiny things and then he makes them into big arguments. my mums is aggressive when your on her bad side. he knows how to get someone on her bad side which is what he does with me and he sits there on the sofa grinning when he says somthing that triggers my mum to shout at me. me being me i say nothing in humiliation and go upstairs and cry out to god. honestly I ain't a bad guy. I would love him if he loved me. i would love to make it all work out. but he just wants to destroy me for some reason. I think animalised he wants to be an animal(i.e he wants all the women on his side. he wants to control everything. s** is what life is for him. he is deluded with the world. money. greed etc) but me idc about them things,its so sad. he is the typical 22 year old j*** that you would see at shool full of ego and he doesn't even work.he looks like 20-25 years old but my mum said he is 33 he is like some bully at school but this bully lives in my home! and bully's me there!this bully is doing things to my mum :(

  • Call border patrol. Deported end of problem

  • BLOOD WILL BE SHED TONIGHT HAHAHA. my stepdad is never happy with anything I do. He drinks and smokes a lot. He has no job and my mom sports our family. I dream of killing him but I haven't gotten the opportunity yet


  • dude! I am going through the same thing. It took me a few months to deal with the fact that my mom and dad werent together, but they both work hard for me and my litle brother, especially for my autism. Yet, when she met my stepfather, she only knew him for 7 days and then he moved in, then 1 year later, he proposed. I was happy, cause he was good man through that first year, then after the engagement, things changed in him. he starting smoking weed, drinking 1-2 bottle almost every night, and made fun of my autism and constantly verbally abused me and my brother. I was i need of help with school, but my mom got so blinded by love, and STILL is that she pays more attention to him than her own children, and yet she claims she isnt. I'm 17, and I've almost overcome my condition, and they had a million fights and my mom is like "I'm leaving him for good" then the next day "I love him, he can get help" this repeats all the time, and the way he treats me, is terrible. I love my mother, but if she cant see the truth about him, then I may lose contact with her, cause I dont want that man involved in my life, my own dad may live far away from me, but he does his best to be in me and my brothers lives, and yes he made mistakes, he has NEVER let me down, he calls quite often and we rarely see eachother in person due to money.

    i hope one day my mom comes to me and say i was right about that a****** she married, and i dont wish him dead, but if he keeps smoking that crap, he will be dead before he reaches 48!

  • my f****** stepmotherfucker tell bad habbits of me he m*********** want my moms property and my mom hate his kids cuz of him someday i will kill him tooooooooooooo


  • i want to kill my dad,hes saintins sperm gone wrong

  • Wow..

  • I want to kill my mother. MY OWN MOTHER!!!

  • We will never know why women fall madly in love with people who deserve to be castrated...

  • Hello its me again (that just replyed) and i have the most f****** greatest news ever!!!!!!!! My mum is finally breaking up with my demented c*** f***** stepdad!!!! But its a secret move coz my mums gonna get a removal van in a few months and on a weekend when my DCF stepdad is @ work on a saturday shes gonna have all our clothes in garbage bags in her car and our furniture will go in the removal van, sorry but i am no longer part of the annoyed-by-stepdads tribe, see ya peace out!

  • Godspeed you magnificent b****** , m8

  • Godspeed you magnificent b******

  • i know right, my mum knew my stepdad for 9 days and we moved in with him. i cannot thank him 4 anything @ all. he effen grounded me coz i didnt put my jacket away! i am 11 and i been dealing wit this s*** since i was 4 and i effen hate my stepdad! i dont even know why mums still with him coz she is in tears still from the effen fight they had (my sd has ADHD) coz me and my sister had dessert when our towels werent hung up

    im 1 of 5 and my oldest sibling tara got 2 move out at 16 to go live with her dad (my mums been married 3 times and divorced twice) and i have to effen wait till im 18 2 go live with my dad F*** ALL MEAN STEPDADS!!!!!!

  • i want to rip his flesh out and rape his b**** and shoot him

  • Eww why would you wanna rape him, it would be disgusting. just cut him to pieces and feed his pieces to some kind of animal out there lol

  • My stupid stepdad's mother lives with us sometimes. She can't speak a word of English. Sometimes I do something that she misunderstands and my mother has to translate to her what's going on. So a couple of days ago my parents leave for a mini vacation and leaves the kids with me. This old bag told my parents that I hit and abused my younger brothers which wasn't true at all. When my stepfather asked my youngest brother what happen he told them the truth. Then my ass hole of a stepfather told my brother, "Preston, if you are lying I'm going to whoop you." Like every time someone gets hurt he always ask if I did it. My cousins all know what the b****** is doing and my mother says nothing like a dumb b**** she is. Do you know how frustrating it is? And then he tries to say "I have a phD in education." Well, good for you..but you don't have a phD in psychology because he honestly needs it.

  • You probably wouldn't want him to have a PhD in psychology... that would make him qualified to say you're nuts

  • So today my stepdad yelled at me. You know why? I left my socks on th floor! Oh my god it's the end of the world right? He treats my mom like a piece of crap yet she still is gaga for him. In fact after he yelled at me shE threatened me saying if I didn't say yes sir shed make me clean her room! I think he hates me because his family hates me. They hate me because I disagreed with them one time and had an arguement. They haven't spoken to me in 1 year and they live 15 minutes away. I tried to kill myself in my closet but couldn't do it. I have made multiple attempts to run away but ne'er had a chance. I hate my stepdad and he hates me. At least we agree on one thing.

  • -JC Betana P.S.

    When he dies, I'm gonna cry really really really reaaaaaaaaally bad...with tears of JOY. I'm gonna be so happy, that I'm gonna s*** on his casket. And I would just laugh my whole life. F***** b****** got to f***** diiiiie.

    Here's his FB:

  • I know how you guys feel. What you need to do is stand up for yourself. Don't kill him. It'll be something that you will regret and you'll end up in jail. Whenever he's home do your best to avoid him. And do good in school. I know, that just sounds like your gonna make him feel better. But f*** it, your getting good grades for your future job and once you got the job, f****** ditch that b****** alone... to rot. Don't give him any money at all. Don't get connected to him or s***.

    I also know what it feels like when he's not home. When you're free to do anything. And when he comes home, your heart starts to sink. That's all I can say. Good luck you guys!

    -JC Betana, 15 yrs. old,

    That b****** came in when I was 7 years old. I'm supposed to be really smart now. But I'm not, coz all I had in me was hatred and nothing else. F*** step dads. His name is Joemar V. Maderazo. You can find him on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002583901846

    Please kill him if you can, if you do, i'd be very happy.:D

    F*** THAT B******.

  • For 11 years i have put up with so much s*** that my stepdad has done to me my mom and my brother. When i met him he seemed like a cool funny guy, but after he married my mom he changed so much to where he would scream at me at the age of 8 to 17 for the most stupidest reasons i can ever think of. I mean he f***** charged me 5 dollars because i left my ceiling fan on when i left my room for not even 5 mins. i mean come on what the f*** is his deal man? during my teen years he would threaten to throw my precious belongings out of the window if i didnt follow the rules. It got to the point to where my mom and i moved out temporarly. When that happened i was so happy i had tears of joy i thought i would never see his disgusting fat f*** self again so me and my mom could finally be happy. After 6 months we were back at his place i was so upset that i was on the verge of suicide. I made so many suicide attempts i cant even keep count. Thats how awful he was and still is to this day but not as much. As of now at 19 i still wanna kill him i really f****** do. S*** i pray to god that he will die very soon thats how much i f****** hate him. I rather have him die than have his f***** up self make me wanna kill myself. I still do wanna kill myself all because of him. I wanna move out so bad i f****** hate living under the same roof as him.

  • I'm thinking the same thing.. not that I want to kill him.. just I REALLY wish, he would f****** die.

  • i have hated my stepdad since i was 8 years old, that's when my mother met him. I never had a dad because he left when i was a baby so it was akways just me and my mom when THAT F****** PIECE OF S*** comes into my life to ruin it. When i was 8 my stepdad used to hit me with his belt (i have marks on my back) because i missbehaved. Idk why my mom never did anything about that... but after that, my two sisters were born and he ALWAYS puts them before me and makes sure he remainds me everyday of his life that i know im not his daughter and that my sisters are more important. I cutted myself for a whole year and tried suicide twice because i felt so worthless...Im SO glad i found this site because for two whole years i planned the perfect way to kill him with a good chance of not getting caught. and now i feel like im not alone, like im not the only one that wants to kill my stepdad haha. Anyway i still hate him with a passion and i do lil things that make him pay eventually but the best feeling, what im really looking forward to is when he gets old and asks me for help, any kind i will be able to kick him in the ass and say "sorry, im not ur daughter as u remainded me everyday, u r not my father. Goodbye." MY DREAM RIGHT THERE HAHAH i guess it would also be worse if my boy didnt help me as much as he did. i have a boyfriend that is definately one of a kind and if it wasnt for him, his support, his love i would be the same depressive girl i was before. DONT GET ME WRONG I STILL STRONGLY DISLIKE MY STEPDAD hahah

  • My stepdad hits my mom. I wont to kill him. I know where the gun is but I cant brin my self to do it. But I still REALLY want to

  • If my step dad hit my mom I would kill him my step dad he is a total d*** and my mom knows it she is just to scared to do any thing this on time he was flipping out because he had to wipe down the table down once and also him and my mom got in to a fight and he said that his life was f****** amazing befor we came in to it and then I said then y did you spend 10000 of 1000 of $ to get us away from are dad so u can make us do the chors u are to f****** lazy to do and just alittle bit a go he is telling me how I'm so lucky that my mom is hear or else he would kill me I would like to see that he is a huge f****** p****

  • hey i think you don't wanna know who i am. I'm 18 years old and i want to kill my stepfather so f****** bad because he is a complete a****** and a f****** j***. I just wish he could stay out of my f****** life. If there is the only way i could kill him, i s***** his behind and shove him in a freezer so i can lock his ass up. Maybe i should put a lot of rubbing alcohol onto a napkin and shove it in his mouth. I'll bet he'll get would he deserves.

  • Hey i'm am 16 years old and i definitely want to kill my step father. i'm sorry but, he needs to f****** die. Right now i'm starting to think about someways to kill his ass. Oh! by the way, he has ADHD and he is ruining my mom's f****** marriage. I already know that they've been having their arguments several times and he wants to blame s*** on me for something Ididn't do. You know, my neice tells me that i shouldn't kill him because I could go to jail, even if there is a lot of plans to kill him. The police can also find evidence too. The last thing she tells me, is to think really deeply on how i'm going to kill him. I still want to kill his f***** ass so f****** badly that I just want this to all be over.Hey but guess what,i already found what i was looking for all along. The other day i've found Visine eyedrops on my grandmother's sofa so, i'm going to put Visine eyedrops in my father's coffee first thing in the morning before he goes to work. Before i do that, i'll probablly give him a few days to live.

  • I know same with my step dad I swear all f****** step parents are ass holes

  • Omg seriously I'm a little racist I will admit and my retarded mom marries the most arrogant black price of s*** she could find I would seriously laugh at his funeral

  • F*** YOU I hate my stepdad too but don't blame it on the race

  • my stepdad expects my mum to do everything, beacause the house we live in is his, where he sits on the couch in his underwear watching tv, whenever something goes wrong he complains about it for hours and it frustrates me cuz he makes me so f****** angry and he always yells at me, and i picture myself kicking his nuts till they bleed and then hitting him a 1000 times with a baseball bat and then burning his house down

  • Same here!!! This son of a b**** do the same he expects my mom to do everything i don't understand why my mom likes this piece of s***!!! I really want to kill him!!! He always drink and smoke !!! And u know he always asks me can I live with ur mom and we love together!!! He wants me to go the other room with my stepsisters!! All he wants is sleep with my mom!!! He wants me to call him dad like wtf h*** no!! I will never ever gonna call this piece of s*** my dad!!!! F*** this life f*** those irresponsible parents f*** divorces!!! Only kids get hurt!!! I wish everyone f****** stay with their blouses and stop paying attention to others just do their things I know my English is bad don't judge just want to let it out!!! Only victims are kids!!!

  • so my step father is exactly the same, He is "always" right, never admits a mistake because he has such high intelligence, he always says...he can't control he's anger, i mean, he never hitted anyone and i don't think he will either but he rage's out to screaming from any little issue that doesn't even matter. Before it felt like he only raged at me, but nowdays he screams at everyone, even my Mom and he's own biological children. now that he screams at me, i don't really care about anymore, i kinda got used to it, but that he dares to rage at my Mom for now reason at all, THAT GIVES ME THE FEELING TO CUT HE'S B**** AND SEE HOW LOUD HE CAN SCREAM AFTER THAT B****!!

  • I want to murder my step dad! i often thinl about doing it in his sleep then packing my bags and going to my dads but then i think no, i wouldnt get enoough satisfaction of watching him suffer, he would have to make sure i get a good hit to knock him unconcious then make him pay for the things he's done to this family! he controls my mother! its constant black mail! if you dont keep your mouth shut im gonna f****** do it my way and your not gonna like it! and hes an alcoholic! hes like on brandy or 3 cans of beer each night. i know it dont sound alotbut it is hecause its EVERY night and he finishes a whole big bottle of brandy at least in a week and a half. and on the weekends he starts at about 2! hes such a bad parents aswell! ive got a 3y old half sister amd i feel so bafly for her having a d*** like him as her dad. i live mainly with my dad on school days and mums at weekends. he treats her like absolute s***! ive had to call the police on him 3 f****** times!! starting from when i was 9 because he got into a fight with my mum and he was taking her credit cards outside and s*** like that and they were screaming and everhthing!! i was 9 for goodness sake!! ever since i was little he used to pick on my nose amd tell me i had a pig nose, even though i dont amd it isnt in the slighteat like thta; hes just insecure about his because hes got a really fat hook nose (hes got a generic indian nose). my dad thiught he was gonna make me develope a complex cause it got so bad.th fact is, my mum still chose to stay with him after loads of s*** has happend, hes an alchy, he a shut father and treats her like crap! shes always siding with him and it makes me feel like im being pushed out of the family! im a 15y old girls and i have so many thoights a urgencues ti slit his puny little throat!

  • You can just accuse him of being an alcoholic and tell people he needs Help. Or at least sue him! call a child line against domestic abuse! or something just do something to get him out of your life!!

  • Exactly the same as me..

  • OMG!! I have the same feeling about my step dad he thinks he is always rite and never even listens to me! I wanna kill my step dad I say you go ahead!

  • i would so kill my stepdad if i could get away with it without going to a mental hospital or something :)

  • My feelings exactly. I'd torture him for hours....I would've killed him last night, but I love my mom too much :( DAMN HER TASTE IN MEN!!!

  • do it

  • I want to kill my parents. They are both idiots who know nothing and have absolutely failed at life. I g******* hate evrything.

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