My mom want me stop drinking

I am doing nothing worng to any one, i dont drink and drive , i think of others, its just me drinking rum dont care for beer1

Feb 26

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  • Wow alot of sick people on here, she want me stop drinking

  • To bad you drink that much and she asked you to stop.
    Most that drink never think they drink your much and they really do drink alot.
    You are about to destroy your life and the problem is your going yo hurt many others while you do this drinking.
    Good luck because you will need it.
    To bad you set your sights so low...

  • Lol said mother want me stop drinking!, now people r saying let her su ck me,no thats not going to work, have an al my mother not sure that would work.

  • Wow can ii do it?

  • It's sick to f*** mother ok yes would only in a***

  • I said it not me, but would i h*** no

  • Ops u said it typo

  • So i should a n al her

  • Well I like men so this will not work dad is gone

  • Thats rude no

  • Tell your mom that if she sucks you off and swallows you will stop drinking

  • Lol can't do that

  • Why not? If my son said that I would drop to my knees

  • Like to talk u more stevepeterpaul@gmail

  • If your son say if he stop drinking u will suck him?

  • Yes. I’d do anything to help my son

  • Wow u r good mother

  • No. I like any mother would do anything for their kids

  • Lol r people r strange!!!!!

  • He's a lucky lad I think !
    Describe yourself so we can decide how old are you both ?

  • She in 70 and 45, having s** with mother is worng i think! strange people on here!

  • I don't think what you do I guess

  • My mum just that. Now we have regular sexual intercourse an 69ers.

  • Having s** with your mother don't u feel Don't you feel weird to do with that

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