How to convince my wife to wear hot outfits in public

My wife is hot, ** having good figure and great **. 36D
She normally dress bit conservative way when we go out. When she my friends wife are dressed low cut tank top and hot shorts I wish
my wife to wear those. I want my wife to were those. At least she can wear in front of our friends and their wifes.

How can I convince her?

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  • Ask her to do it when you go out, and not around people you know.

  • My first wife was like that at first,always very conservative. Even though a bit chubby she was attractive with 38 d **. I talked her into wearing something more ** for a party which she did catching alot of men looking at her which made me feel good as well as her.
    Then it snowballed and her outfits became even more reveling sometimes with no bra on and once when she had a short dress on and bent over to pick something up she wasn't wearing **.
    I asked her to tone it down some but she said it made her feel **.
    Then one day I walked in on her and the neighbor,she was sitting on the bed ** and he was ** and she was giving him a **.
    I thought I was going to faint but he pulled out of her mouth then punched me knocking me out cold.
    I asked her later what happened after i was knocked unconscious and she said he checked me,said i was ok,just out for awhile and they started up again.
    We obviously didn't stay married long

  • Stop being a ** you bastar d

  • Thanks Bro. Obviously I don't want someone else to ** my wife.

  • A little advice. Be careful what you wish for.

    I was in a similar situation a few years back. I pointed out to my wife how hot her sister looked as she dressed quite **. But I was careful to add she would be even hotter. After pushing the issue for sometime she gave in.

    She started to dress provocatively. She got noticed and the next thing I knew she was dressing like that all the time. I thought it was great till I found her at home ** the contractors who were remodeling our bathroom.

    Don’t push your wife into becoming a ** because when she starts to get noticed she will fall into the trap.

  • No. I just want her to look hot like other wifes when we are chilling together.

  • Are you ready for guys to hit on her? It won't end with cute outfits.

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