2020 fling with the least expected guy

Most people that know me, see me as the sweet innocent girl that's uptight but high maintenance. I'm a mama girl/daddy type of girl. I'm about 5'1 in height that has had a lot of work on my body. I wasn't fat before but I didn't like my body shape. I didn't put implants on me, instead I got fat transfer and worked on my b**** a little which were already big enough. I was insecure in high school. I was too white, now that might not be a problem for some people. But imagine being that pasty pale white girl when you are Mexican and most of your friends have olive skin tone. My eyes are light brown but I didn't even have long eyelashes. This is the reason I got into make up and although I may not tan and turn red instead in the sun I will brag the fact that I have clear smooth skin and nice virgin long chestnut soft brown hair.
People also know me as picky when it comes to dating. I prefer Mexican boys or Latinos that aren't too dark. I have seen some dark skin Mexicans that are cute. I was willing to give one guy a chance but he was too shy and also couldn't make up his mind into what kind of girl he was after. That's another thing about me, I can't go for guys that are thirsty who are always chasing girls. This is the reason why I'm always single. Is not easy getting the type of guy I'm after. He needs to be a handsome, hard worker, a gentleman who has the same background as I have.
Things went downhill because of this pandemic. I was laid off from work and is being pretty hard to go out. Most of my friends have gotten or are in relationships and been busy with their stuff. It never gets old with random strangers hitting me up in IG of course but I have not found anyone I'm interested in. One day my gay friend made a dating profile for me and he began to swipe on the guys he thought I would be into. There were quite a few but many didn't reply back and some of them didn't keep an interesting conversation. So I told him to do the talking for me. I was talking to 4 guys, one Mexican guy, two who were white which I usually don't go for but I have dated some in the past and another who was a black guy with caramel complexion. I'm not into black guys but he was nice to talk to. All of these guys were nice but I was bored. My tinder profile was hidden so I wasn't getting any new matches. So one night I was deciding to erase or make my profile public again when I got a message at 2am when I was bored. It was a black guy but it was the type of guy that I wouldn't go for. He had short dreads, was throwing up gang signs in his photos, sagging and was extremely too dark for my taste. In many of his pictures he had his shirt off, was smoking weed or had a bottle of liquor in his hand. He had tone abs and muscles but was not my taste. He gave me a compliment with some emojis, I wasn't interested but I did say thank you out of courtesy. He didn't ask questions, he went straight to the point. Said he wanted to link up so I told him I wasn't interested respectfully. I told him I was not interested so he came up with the race card insinuating that I was a racist white girl. I didn't like the fact that he assumed I was your basic white girl so I told him that I'm Mexican and asserted to him that the majority of my family has light brown skin. His mood changed quickly and then he told me that he loves Latinas. I wasn't interested but I was bored so I tried to harm his ego when he asked me if I like black guys and said no but he said I was missing out. Since he practically insulted me I tried to break his little fantasy that Latinas like Black guys so I told him straight out that I prefer Mexican men. He then said why I matched with him but it wasn’t me that match with him. My friend must have either accidentally done it or was trolling me for swiping a guy knowing I wouldn’t be into.
He then told me that he didn't think I was real so he wanted to talk not on tinder but on the phone. I wasn't interested and frankly I didn’t care to prove him right so I told him I rather not. He gave me his phone number and stopped replying but not before throwing shade at Mexican and white men. I’m not going to lie but I did take it personally since my brother and father who I truly appreciate are Mexican. However I left it like that and didn't really care, that he stopped replying before you knew it. I began to talk to other guys on tinder but all of their conversations seemed to drag. 6 days had passed since the black guy gave me his phone number when one night I was alone and bored. I was watching some YouTube videos and before you knew it I was on the weird side of YouTube. There was a black girl lecturing white, Latina and Asian girls on why we don’t do nothing for black men but desire them. I felt annoyed that black people actually think like that where we are at the disposal of them when that’s not true. Suddenly I remembered that guy and got irritated at the thought of him so I felt like I needed to break his ego. I don't know why I did it but I texted him from my phone. "Hey, this is Blanca'' I said. He replied in 20 minutes and asked for a selfie so I took one real quick. He was cocky and said to me that he was sure that I wanted some black d***. I laughed and said I was bored and wanted an apology from him and to prove to him that I was no catfish. He said that he didn't believe me that either I wanted black d*** or that I was a catfish. He tried to gaslight me into admitting to it. I honestly didn't know why I replied. But I was bored and I did find it intriguing to talk to a type of guy that I will probably run away from if I had found him in the streets. The fact that I knew I was safe from danger by being on the other line gave me such a weird thrill feeling. We were going back and forth arguing on why I prefer Mexican guys. After 25 minutes he wanted to prove if I was real so he asked for a FT. I still wanted to troll him but I was feeling a little bit bored of him. But he did say that he will wire me $50 if I FT. So I did, he was laying shirtless in his bed. He talked all ghetto with words like "shid" or "finna". But I wanted to break his little ego. He then said something nasty. He bragged about how his d*** was bigger than any guy I been with. He also told me that he can last longer than any other guy. I wanted to break his ego so he said that he can prove it. He gaslit me again saying that I was scared to be proven wrong. I told him there's no need for any of that. He said that he would f*** me and i came up with excuses of why I replied. He then said, "If I j*** off and c** before 30 minutes I will give you $500 and admit that Mexican guys are better than black guys, if not then you will go out on a date with me". I should have said no, but I wanted to hear that from him. I didn't need the money but it didn't hurt getting $500 from this cocky j***. I said, "How about one hour". He replied back by saying. "You just wanna see my d*** a little longer hahaha". I replied back, "f*** no I just know that you won't last." He said fine so he pulled out his d***. It was big, about 10 inches. It got hard and he began to j*** himself with it. I felt disgusted and amazed at the same time so my only reaction was to laugh nervously as I put my hand in my mouth and here and there turned my face in embarrassment. I felt that the most was going to be 20 minutes but part of me knew he would last at least for 40 minutes which is why I agree to one hour. Knowing we were going to be here for some time I began to root against him. Before you know 45 minutes have passed by. I couldn't believe it so began to speak to him in a low subtle voice. "Come on papi, is ok you know wanna come now". I winked at him while I began to touch my crotch over my shorts and squeeze my b****. I bit my lower lip and said, "You like this don't you". The black guy who's name is Maurice said. "shiiit girl that's cheating but you ask for an hour and you will get one hour". By this time I did feel like my p**** was beginning to get wet. Before you know it, one hour has passed by. He came, reminded me of that volcano project we did back in 5th grade. Now I had no choice but to go out on a date with him.
I didn't want to so I told him it needs to be before sunset, in a public place and I need to bring my cousin with me. He didn't seem to be bothered; instead he asked me if my cousin was fine like me, I rolled my eyes. The day of the date we went for some coffee. The minute he sat down he began to talk about subjects he never talked with me. He started talking about cartoons and rappers with my cousin. He spent more time talking to my cousin than me. He made her laugh, I felt relieved and annoyed. By the time we were done he walked us to my car. He gave my cousin a kiss on the cheek and then asked me if I enjoyed our date. I said to him that he spent most of the time talking to my cousin. "OH s***, Blanca is jealous!". I was not jealous so I said no. He then hugged me and told me he won't let me go until I admit it. He's a tall guy so my face was pressed against his hard chest. I felt uncomfortable but instead of getting mad I laughed. He said come on just say it. "Fine, I'm jealous now let me go". He said that he only wanted me and still didn't let me go. People were passing by, I knew I could have screamed for help but I didn't want to cause a scene and then be lectured by my cousin as to why I agreed to date this guy. Didn’t want her to think that I was going through a crisis. My cousin was already surprised that I even agreed to go out on a date with a black guy to begin with. I felt that if I hugged him back then he could let me go. He then grabbed my ass and squeezed it while he gave me a kiss. He walked away, on the way home my cousin asked me on why, how and when I began to feel interested in black guys. I told her that it was through a mutual friend but that I wasn’t fond of the idea. My friend said that he's funny but too ugly and ghetto for me.

Mar 5, 2021

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