I was pretending to be a guy online.. dont ask why, im actually a girl.. and he fell in love with me, and i love him back, but he thinks im a guy.. so im going to tell him im a girl, hopefully h*** understand and keep talking to me. iloveyoux

Dec 16, 2010

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  • HAH. I have heard this soooo many times. Considering I've had this happen to me as well as done it (pretending to be a girl, that is), I can say it sucks. Unfortunately the chances of him saying "Oh you're a girl? Ah well, let's pretend nothing's chaged" is about .1%. Remember in the end he's some guy online you'll never meet in real life, so if he hates your guts and wants to kill you it doesn't matter.

  • That would be the best thing you could do. He may be p***** because you misrepresented yourself, but in the end may forgive you because you've created a bond with him. Hopefully it will all work out.

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