Dominant women?

I want a girlfriend that will just take charge and lead the way. someone who will really just tell me what to do. is that too much too ask?

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  • That's contrary to nature. Men give and women receive. Men give security protection. Men provide and maintain an environment where his wife and children may flourish. Do women give Men engagement rings? Are not a man's genitalia designed to give, and a woman's to receive? I don't think that anyone should be dominated, but a woman should be submissive. I think that you are more damaged and have wandered farther from the path than you think because that is not something that a healthy person says. I am guessing that there is trauma, probably long-term abuse, that you need to resolve. If a woman has to tell you what to do what are you bringing to relationship? Nothing. Basically a child for her to take care of. A woman should not be protecting her man. And let me tell you something. You may find a girl who thinks she wants that. She will not like it for long. Women hate to have to make decisions for their men. It is natural. She will get tired of it fast and she will never have any respect for you. Why should she? You bring nothing and with no respect, you will have no love. It has to be reciprocal.

  • I love being dominated by the man who has a stronger mind than I. The POWER of LOVE is so surreal.

  • Watch what you ask for. I married a dominant woman and I admit I can be submissive. At a party once we got into an argument because she was flirting and wearing a mini-dress which showed more than it should.
    She decked me with one punch,knocked me out cold. Talk about embarressing

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