Dirty thoughts

Sometimes I like hearing guys say that little girls turn them on

Mar 8, 2021

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  • I love younger girls and showing them how good s** should be. I like making them c** over and over like their loser little boyfriends don't know how to do. After I've made them c** multiple times with my tongue and fingers and they're still shaking I slide my c*** in them. I slide in and out slowly for a minute until I can go in deep enough for my b**** to be on their ass. Then I pound hard and fast like they only wish their little boyfriend could. Sometimes they c** one more time on my c*** other times they just lay their moaning as they can't believe what a real man is like in bed. I always finish inside their tight little p****** even though I know it's risky. I send them on their way with money for plan B if they weren't on birth control.

  • I have a true story k i k me kbustedw

  • My fantasy is to be put in charge of watching a nine year old who knows exactly how clumsy and dumb I am, and just spends the whole time completely roasting me and laughing her ass off at pretty much my general existence. She'll do EXACTLY as I say-- as long as I'm telling her how to tease me even worse-- but if I tell her to do anything else at all, she just stands there and laughs at me.

    "You WILL respect me."


    "Knock that off and go clean your room-- RIGHT NOW!"


    "If you have tighter jeans than those, go put them on."

    "Okay, you sicko pervert-- be right back!"

  • I love little girls love the feeling when my d*** goes inside them and I feel there p**** being forced open I love face f****** them

  • Sounds very nice

  • Is it me or are there other men that sometimes look at there niece and have naughty thoughts

  • Not just you. I've been that way for years

  • The feeling is Awsome
    Nothing like it

  • How is it

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