Feelings for women in my family

I've had strong sexual feelings towards my cousin aunt and my mum for at least 6 years now, nothing has happened before because once i j*** off i calm down, having those 3 women together can be hard they will say and do anything and they won't stop until they believe they got me aroused, mum has even said to my cousin and aunt that she hasn't had s** in a long time because my dad has a problem, lately when i wake up the first thing i think about is my mum wondering if she has her big t*** on show,this morning i stopped myself and thought I'd take a chance and go for it before she left for work,I rushed down so i wouldn't have a chance to change my mind and she wasn't even dressed yet still had her dressing gown on,she didn't tell me to get some clothes on which was a good start and i said to her we could help each other out and dad would never know,she thought i was playing around and went off to get ready i was gutted and thought i ruined things between us,I was back in my bedroom waiting for her to leave when she opened my door asking if i was serious i couldn't lie to her and she said we have to be quick and never tell your dad,she looked stunning in her black skirt white blouse showing her cleavage off and wearing heels,she hiked up her skirt took off her thong she wanted it quick and she got what she wanted, years off having those feelings came to much for me gave her my load and off she went and haven't heard anything from her yet

Mar 15, 2021

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  • Dude r u serious? U had s** with your mom, and aroused by female family members!! It’s time get off the computer and out of the house bro! When u start looking at or having feelings of that nature toward family not good! Plus I believe it’s illegal and trust me that is not a charge to b going jail with by any means! If I were u I erase post or play off as joke bc that among gp that is frowned upon and wrong person were to read that you clearly don’t know how bad the situation could end up and nothing you will b able do about it. Personally I’d never do that but to each their own and I don’t usually leave comments nor am I trying talk s*** I don’t judge people or waste time on fb bs social media nor do I gaf what people think I just hate justice system in this country bc it’s all based on lies manipulation of words and$$$ if u r rich u can buy way out anything with good lawyer poor ur basically screwed unless u spend time educate yourself on law if you’re smart which I assume you are common sense is clearly not as common as once was or more people would question if innocent til proven guilty why do you go to jail when accused of crime until u pay to b released u can’t pay u stay till court seem me guilty till proven innocent is more accurate anyway good luck with your situation and you really should consider looking somewhere else for p**** or if not and into mom no pun intended keep that s*** to yourself or you can expect a very long and unfortunate situation could been avoided. Crazy mf. Literally. Lol

  • I concur!!!

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