Thinking about going thru with it

My hubby and have been together for over twenty years. We were swingers from pretty much the start with the only time I wasn't with other men was when we decided to conceive. And then as soon as I was prego, went back to f****** others, ( I was amazed at how many guys love to f*** pregnant woman. We had the first, then tried successfully at a second. After his birth, had my tubes tied and went right back to getting f***** and as with many women being gang banged is my favorite.
A while back I was in bed in the afternoon having a little afternoon delight with myself. A was really getting into it and I noticed outside my door was my oldest son, 17, watching me f*** myself with a large rubber c***. I was ready to come so I kept going pretending not to see him. I got off so hard knowing he was watching.
I grabbed my phone and pretended to call girl friend and tell how great it was to do it in the afternoon and I would probably do it again tomorrow
Sure enough next day around the same time I did it again. And sure enough my son showed up and stood outside the door and again pretended not to see him and had a huge o*****.
That night I told my husband and he found it amusing. I then confessed that ever since the first time, I have been masterbating like crazy while fantasizing about BOTH boys, my youngest is only eleven months older.
My hub says I should go for it and let them both f*** me

Mar 18, 2021

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  • Would you like to share what your son would’ve seen ? Sounds super erotic sexy lady.

  • Would love know what you look like ❤️

  • There is something erotic about fu---ng a pregnant woman i would like to read about your experience about you being fu--ed in graphic details

  • Let us know

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