Why was she so surprised?

I had been dating her for three years. The relationship was going nowhere. The last time I asked her out she didn't want to go to a movie, visit the park or drive around with me nor did she have any suggestions of her own. She suggested we date other people.

I dated someone else and never called her again. I heard on the grapevine she was surprised and not happy. What did she expect?

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  • My ex wife threatened me for the last four years if I didn’t straighten up she was going to divorce me. Yeah because all of our problems were mine and mine alone to fix. Then there was a time when she grabbed my face and told me she wanted a divorce.

    So last year I told her we were getting a divorce.

    She actually said she didn’t see it coming. Which is surprising because she has perfect vision and is always right.

  • Never think of her again except as a lesson learned. If any ** disrespects you, hard next her and watch the regret wash over the female mind. Take the red pill if you haven't already, champ.

  • She thought she could do better and was wrong . You doged a bullet .consider your self lucky .
    . She was cheating on you long before she said to date others

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