Mutual Masturbation with christian girlfriend

Just got divorced after 25 years. Trying to find a girlfriend in my 50's is hard. I was reflecting back to when I was a teen and in my early 20's. Was super involved in my church. Church twice on Sundays. Bible study group mid week and youth group on Friday night. We boys and girls had very defined rules on what was OK sexually and what was not. S** per-se was out but holding hands, kissing and touching was in. So was rubbing your partner in the crotch but not putting hands inside and touching skin to skin as was not putting hands up girls tops and touching bare b****. Anyway I used to get a plastic bag from the kitchen and put it over my p**** to make it a bit more slippery and also to contain the mess of e**********. It's bizarre to think that we used to get together about 10 of us at various peoples houses and take turns at going into the bedroom to lie on the bed and cuddle and kiss. Even weirder was if you did not have a girlfriend, then one of the people would just pair us up for the night. Anyway these bedroom times were like on a roster and you would have about 15 minutes to cuddle and kiss and touch each other up.

Anyway I had a girlfriend whos mom was concerned she would have s** and so her mom made her wear undies then panty hose with control briefs over the top and then a skirt. Control briefs are super tight and not stretchy underwear and so she had no chance of being rubbed to o*****. She would rub me and feel the slippery plastic in my jeans and I would c** so strong. Anyway I convinced her to try to put plastic in her undies against her v***** and then put all these layers on. Of course she had to do this at home while she was getting dressed so the plastic was wet with sweat and moisture before we had our turn in the love room. She had to push hard against my hand but then she'd o*****. It was nice to have someone who shared my plastic kink.

Mar 29, 2021

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