Coercive control

Yesterday morning the weather here was nice and sunny. I picked out a short A line skirt for my wife to wear. I like this one because it only just covers her bum.

She tried the usual "I'm too old to dress like a 14year old" and I said "are you arguing with me?" and she said "no" and put it on.

I said lets take the dog for a walk. We walked the dog the few streets to the off lead park. We took turns throwing the ball for the dog. I enjoyed that when she bent over I could see her undies and sometimes the wind would blow the skirt up and other times if she threw the ball hard then the skirt would flip up.

On the way home I aske how she felt in her short skirt. She said she "wore it because I had instructed her to wear it". I asked how she felt and she said "humilated". I said I liked it because it was short and sometimes we all saw her undies. She just repeated "humiliated" in whisper.

23 days

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  • Have you told other men to f*** her and have you watched while they did? If not, do you plan to?

  • This morning we went shopping and bought her a little black dress. Just a simple shift style mini. It took browsing several shops until I found what I wanted. I still get a conflicted feelings when we shop for her clothes. Both excited and a bit uncomfortable as she comes out of the changing rooms and shows me. She has to put her hands at her side so I can see its length and then rotate. Sometimes the store assistants look strangely at us and they find it odd to have the conversation with me and then my wife obediently tries it on.

  • When we got home I had her put it on again. It wasn't as short as I'd like and I Pinned it up and told her to hem it up. As usual she started to make excuses but I held firm. Now she looks really cute. I said to her we will go out this evening with her wearing it.

  • Obedience and submission they are the highest calling. Real submission has a cost. If there is no pain, no cost, it's not submission

  • That’s honestly just pathetic
    Stop treating her like a slave
    You don’t deserve her

  • Next time, take away her underwear.

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